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Remember when Halloween safety tips used to be “get home before midnight” and “don’t eat suspicious treats?” Today’s high-tech youth need a more sophisticated safety plan. So delete all those summertime apps and save data on your smartphone for the four best apps and digital tools that will keep your kids safe on Halloween.

1. Family GPS Tracker

Got a stubborn tween who thinks she’s old enough to go out on her own? Use Family GPS Tracker to keep tabs on your tween no matter how far she drifts from the group. Using a simple GPS locating system, the app lets parents know exactly where their kids are at all times. Download the free version to track one person at a time with a movement history of 24 hours. Parents can also upgrade to include 10 phones with a movement history of three days. (iOS, Android — Free)

2. Lifelock

It might not be a primary safety concern on Halloween, but identity theft is a growing problem that can be at high risk during this social holiday. According to a study by AllClear ID, children are victims of identity theft at a rate 35 times greater than adults. Lifelock constantly monitors your child’s personal information and alerts you as soon as suspicious activity arises. Keep in mind children are targets of identity thieves because of their blank financial and credit histories; a stolen identity could devastate their financial future. As your kid trick or treats around the neighborhood, make sure they don’t carry any personal information and know to never tell neighbors or strangers personal information as well.

3. Safety Tat

According to the FBI, thousands of children become victims of crime every year, including kidnappings, violent attacks and sexual abuse. Safety Tat can help your child avoid becoming a victim on this holiday. If your child ever gets lost or separated from you while trick or treating, the Safety Tat will make sure your child knows how to contact you. With a fun, Halloween-friendly design that stays on for 24 hours, children can always have access to an emergency contact when they’re out trick-or-treating. Try the QR code feature for storing multiple phone numbers, emergency medical information and special instructions.

4. Life360 Sex Offender Search

It doesn’t hurt to use this app year-round, but it comes in handy especially on Halloween. After all, it’s a time of year when kids will randomly knock on as many doors as they can to collect candy. The Life360 Sex Offender Search app identifies all the registered sex offenders in your neighborhood, including a current picture, address, and the specific charges the perpetrator was convicted of. Equipped with this information, your family can steer clear of dangerous areas, especially if you’ll be visiting less familiar neighborhoods. (iOS, Android — Free)