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Have you been boo’ed this year? Better yet, have you had the chance to boo?? Are you even following my craziness?

I love Halloween, and one of my favorite new traditions has been to “Boo” my neighbors.


It’s a friendly way to spread a little fun and put a smile on your neighbors’ faces!

You drop off a package of treats, simple toys, or decorations on your two of your neighbor’s doorsteps, along with the included printables (FREE!). They, in turn, will place their “We’ve Been Boo’ed!” sign on their door, copy the printables and drop off treats with the printables to two more neighbors!

It helps to teach kids to think of others, and it can really make someone’s day to get a package of treats from an anonymous neighbor!

Want to use our fun printables? Simply click on each image and print as many as you need!

Go get your boo on!