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It’s Halloween season! Time for costumes, pumpkins and Fall fun. A big part of Halloween is trick-or-treating! Even if you have a young child and don’t feel they are ready for traditional trick-or-treating, you’re in luck! Every year, there are more and more non-traditional alternatives to trick-or-treating. This is great if you’re trying to find something less scary or maybe bring less candy into your house. Even with older kids, finding other Halloween festivities gives them a chance to wear their Halloween costume more than one time. Read on to see what options you might be able to find for your family this Halloween season!

Halloween at a Zoo

Many zoos have Halloween events that go by names such as Zoo Boo or Boo at the Zoo. This happens to be my favorite Halloween event of all! The picture of my children above was taken at Zoo Boo last year. They have face painting, talking pumpkins and stands set up to get a “treat”. The Association of Zoos and Aquarium website can help you find a zoo near you!


Trunk-or-treat is a popular trick-or-treat alternative in my area. Mostly organized by churches, schools and other non-profit organizations, it is designed to be a chance to go trick-or-treating in a safe environment without over the top scary decorations. People park their cars and give out treats from the trunks of their cars. You’ll be amazed at how creative people get decorating their cars–they really go all out!

Pumpkin Farms

Visiting a nearby pumpkin farm yearly (at least once!) is another event that everyone in the family can enjoy–hay rides, corn mazes and more!

Colleges and Nursing Homes

Sometimes local colleges or nursing homes have trick-or-treating right in the dorms or nursing home residents hand out candy.

Trick-or-treating and other Halloween activities at the Mall, Book Stores, or other stores

Malls and book stores with trick-or-treating events are great for those of us living in the north, where chances are good that it might be cold or wet trick-or-treating outside. Look up events at Barnes and Noble to see if they’re offering any Halloween festivities near you!

Plan Your Own Halloween Event!

Here’s your chance to have a kid friendly Halloween party–by planning it yourself! Throw a block party or party in your own house. Check out some of our past 31 Days of Halloween posts for great snack and decoration ideas! It doesn’t get much cuter than these Halloween Marshmallow Pops!