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Welcome to Emily’s Simply Made Series! Each post features a craft that looks cute or is practical but is easy enough for even the uncraftiest of people. Cute DIY things are NOT just for the pros! You can do it too!

I love all of the Fall season, but Halloween is just so fun. Around here, we’re covered in pumpkins! I pull out all of my fall decor in September and keep it up until the day after Thanksgiving. I like to pick up a new decoration every year, but this year we are scrimping due to buying a house. That’s ok though. I decided to get creative and make a cute little decoration out of some things I had around the house. Some are leftover from past projects, some recycled.

I made a Burlap Pumpkin Wall Hanging

SO easy. Literally took me less than an hour.

Here’s what you need:

square of corkboard (I had left over from my mousepad SMS, bought a 4pk at walmart for $5)
1/2 yard of Burlap
1/4 yard orange fabric
scrap of brown fabric or t-shirt
Hot glue gun
Soda Can top

Start by cutting the burlap to the width of the cork board square, length long enough to wrap around the square twice.

Lay your square on top of the cut burlap with a small amount of burlap overlapping

Tack the excess burlap over onto the cork with 3 thumbtacks,

then wrap the burlap around the cork, tacking the other end a few times as well.

Now, you’ll want to take your piece of orange fabric and draw a pumpkin on the back. Can’t draw? No biggie! Search for a clip art or picture of one on google, and print it out. Just make sure it will fit on your square.

The size of the pumpkin needs to be smaller than the square of cork by a few inches. You will be making the pumkpin a little bit bigger when you cut and place it onto the burlap, so leave room.

Add lines down the pumpkin, making five sections. Make sure your lines are curved (see picture below) to give it that pumpkin-y look.

Cut out your pumpkin, and do the same with a stem. Draw a stem onto the back of your brown fabric and cut it out.

Cut your pumpkin along the lines, making sure to lay the pieces down in the correct order as you cut.

Arrange the pieces centered onto your burlap, with the stem at the top.

One by one, lift a piece up and start to hot glue underneath. I worked my way down each strip slowly, gluing about 2 inches at a time, pressing down a little, then gluing the next few inches, pressing down…etc. I tried a few different ways, and this worked the best.


Repeat with all of the pumpkin pieces, as well as the stem. Once you’ve finished all of them, go back and glue any open edges as needed.

Now turn over your work of art and add the soda can tab top as a hanger. (Feel free to skip this step if you want to stand it up on a shelf)

 I just used extra thumbtacks to hold it on, but you could hot glue it if you’d like, too!

Now hang it for all to enjoy.

I love the unfinished look of the edges, but feel free to cut them clean or to wrap them under and thumbtack them as well for a more clean look.

Hope this helps you get some more Fall decor up for less this year!

Happy Crafting!!

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