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I go nuts over my kids’ footprints—there is just something so adorable about their little feet, and I want to find as many ways to preserve the memory of them as possible! I love them on everything—baby books, art projects, and I even make sure our photographer captures as many pictures as possible of their little precious feet.

I recently found this adorable door sign project on Pinterest and instantly wanted to make a door sign of my “little spooks”.  I made mine a little differently, and that is the beauty of this project, you can paint and decorate your door sign however you like. The most important part is preserving those precious footprints.

It was a little hard to get my son’s footprints—he doesn’t like messes, so he kept saying “mess, mess!” But he cooperated well enough after I bribed him with a cookie (okay moms, I know I completely threw the no-bribing rule book out the window, but desperate times call for desperate measures!). My daughter is only three months, so she was easy-peasy, thankfully!

After I made our sign, my husband said “Ahhh … in 20 years we will see this sign and miss those little feet”. It makes me sad to think of that day, but I will always be glad that I have those precious memories!


  • small to medium sized canvas
  • black, orange and white paint
  • paint brushes
  • ribbon of your choice (use can use black, orange or any Halloween pattern will work too).
  • stapler


  1. Paint 2 coats of black paint on your canvas. Let dry.
  2. Brush white paint on your child’s feet and gently press footprints onto canvas. Be careful not to move the foot around, just press firm once and then gently remove. (It is easiest to do one foot at a time—when done with one foot, clean that foot before you paint the other so your child doesn’t get paint everywhere).
  3. Decorate the rest of the sign however you please. We wrote “Happy Halloween” on the top part of the canvas and then “Love, our little Spooks” at the bottom. Also be sure to put the year so you will remember in twenty years just how old your little ones were when you made the sign.
  4. Staple your ribbon to the back of the canvas and the sign is ready for hanging!