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This Halloween craft couldn’t be easier and is a perfect way to recycle those used milk cartons! Your kids will love to draw silly faces and they will make a perfect Halloween decoration for inside or out. I used orange Halloween lights to for the inside of the milk cartons—one strand for three cartons and it was plenty to light up each one!

Gosh, how I love Pinterest, you can always find the most creative crafts!


    • Used milk or nursery water cartons: washed thoroughly
    • Black markers
    • Orange Halloween lights

  1. Thoroughly wash the inside of each carton.
  2. Use scissors to poke a hole in the back of each carton so you can insert the lights
  3. Use a black marker to draw your pumpkin faces.
  4. Insert lights into each carton and plug in!

This craft is great for the kids; you can either save the finished ones for next year or make a whole new batch each year—it’s up to you!