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It seems as though every year I rush to come up with something for my son to wear for Halloween, and end up getting a store bought run of the mill costume. Yeah, he looks super cute but my husband and I are both weird and a little silly and we see the after Halloween pictures of the hilarious costumes other people used and kick ourselves. We need to think ahead!

So all my research this year started early and I have to share my all time favorites with you guys, just in case you are in the same boat looking for hilarious costumes for your kiddos!

Ventriliquist Doll

Alice in Wonderland



DIY Sibling Halloween Costume: Back To The Future 5Sibling Back To The Future Costumes


Carl from Up


Aerobics Instructor 

Dr. Who


Rabit in Hat
This etsy shop no longer carries the Rabbit costume, but ALL of their costumes are to die for! Check them all out at the link above!

 Sumo Baby
I do not have an original source for this picture, but if it’s yours, please let us know so we can send our readers your way!

Hope you got some inspiration! Our final decision this year?? You’ll have to wait to find out! We will all be sharing our amazing kiddos Halloween pictures in November!

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