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30 Ideas for a Month of Positive Parenting Week OneAs parents, we all want our children to be raised in a house full of love and support. Sometimes it can be hard to be the positive parent we always envisioned ourselves being, at least it is for me! Start with the little things such as trying to yell less and you’ll find other things falling into place. In an effort to be more positive, here’s week one for a tip a day for 30 days of positive parenting. Some of these ideas might seem simple, some you might already do, but all of them are positive. Ideally, each day can build on each other so by the end of the 30 days, you’re house will be a happier, more positive place! I suggest bookmarking the article or printing it out so you can keep track of which day you are on, working through the list.

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Day 1:

Say I love you to your child when they wake up. Say it again at bedtime–and mean it! We all know we love our children, but sometimes forget to say it. Take the time to say it and take this first day to just relax and put your heart out there for your children.

Day 2:

Before transitions during the day, give your children a head’s up-a 5 to 10 minute warning-before the next thing happens. For example, if it’s nearing dinner time simply tell your child, “We are eating dinner in 10 minutes, so you’ll have to clean up your toys in 5 minutes.” A prime time this needs to happen is bedtime or when you’re going to leave the house. Letting your child know when the situation is going to change shows that you value their time and respect them.

Day 3:

Read together for at least 10 minutes, letting your child pick out the book. Spend the time snuggled up together, enjoying the time together. Don’t worry about having your child read, identify letters or answer questions about the story, just enjoy the time together.

Day 4:

Have a family meeting (even if your family is only mom and one child!) while having ice cream. Talk about and set family expectations that will promote family and consistency (I prefer to use the word expectations to rules). These expectations might include having dinner together at least 5 times a week, having a family game night, screen time limits for the TV/computer/tablets, and bedtime.

Day 5:

Let your child choose their outfit. If this is a stretch for you and you really want your child to match before leaving the house-lay out three outfits and let your child choose which one to wear. Letting your child make choices where there are no wrong answers is important for building positive decision making behaviors.

Day 6:

Hug your child. Physically touch your child by hugging them, giving them a pat on the back or rub their hair. Try to do this several times a day. Sometimes, as children get older, we lose that physical connection that children still need.

Day 7:

Create a bedtime routine. Set a time and routine to follow through with every night. Your routine might include a bath, brushing teeth, reading books and some snuggles before a kiss goodnight. Keep the bedtime routine consistent and carry it through from night to night.

This is such a work in progress–parenting that is. No one has it perfect and everyone is trying their best. If you have tips to share on how you’ve created a positive household, please share with our readers!

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