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30 Ideas for a Month of Positive Parenting Week 2As parents, we all want our children to be raised in a house full of love and support. Sometimes it can be hard to be the positive parent we always envisioned ourselves being, at least it is for me! Start with the little things such as trying to yell less and you’ll find other things falling into place. In an effort to be more positive, this is week two of positive parenting tips. If you missed week one, you can find it HERE. Some of these ideas might seem simple, some you might already do, but all of them are positive. Ideally, each day can build on each other so by the end of the 30 days, you’re house will be a happier, more positive place! Start with week one to build on some basic positive suggestions, moving onto week two. I suggest bookmarking the articles or printing them out so you can keep track of which day you are on, working through the list.


Day 8:

Let your child cook with you. If your children are younger, this might be harder. Consider something simple like cooking French Bread Pizza Cooking with kids-making homemade french bread pizza! So easy and fun.with your children. They can put whatever they want on the pizza and there’s no going wrong!

Day 9:

Listen to your child. Sit down, ask your child about his or her day and really listen. I open up conversations about my children’s day by saying, “Tell me about the best and worst part of your day.” That leaves the conversation wide open for discussion. Don’t pry or push, but sit and genuinely listen to what is said.

Day 10:

Model the person you want your child to be. Show your child that it’s okay to make mistakes and apologize for them. Demonstrate to your child that it’s okay to feel any emotion and that even adults get angry sometimes. Show your child how you cope with anger and disappointment. Children need to learn that everyone feels every emotion, we just learn coping and other skills. If your child is having trouble with anger, you have to check out the Anger Box in the article It’s OK to Be Angry: Teaching your preschooler about emotions.

Day 11:

Set achievable chores for your child to be able to complete based on their age. My preschooler is expected to take his dishes to the sink whereas my teenager is expected to load the dishwasher and feed the cats.

Day 12:

***Are you still saying “I love you” every morning and every evening?***
Create a meal plan for a 3 course family dinner together as a family-appetizer, main course, dessert. While preparing the meal plan, be thinking of ways to involve the kids in the preparation of the meals. Go shopping together to get the ingredients, make dinner as a family, then enjoy it as a family! This will probably have to be an activity you have to do on the weekend to have enough time!

Day 13:

Create a family song–a song, rap, or rhyme about the family. Keep it positive, upbeat and fun!

Day 14:

Have family game night! Let each child you have pick out a game and parents pick out a game as well. Grab snacks, sit around the table and enjoy each others company for an evening.

This is such a work in progress–parenting that is. No one has it perfect and everyone is trying their best. If you have tips to share on how you’ve created a positive household, please share with our readers!

Come back for Weeks 3 and 4 to complete your month of positive parenting!