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25 Uses for Coconut Oil

Over the last year I have become quite obsessed with Coconut Oil. Research has shown so many different benefits of Coconut Oil that I am so surprised when I hear people say they’ve never used it. It has become a major staple in my home from cooking, beauty regimen, and living a healthier lifestyle. Whether you use generic coconut oil, name brand coconut oil, or make your own, one thing I can tell you is that you will always find beneficial ways to use it.  Here’s a list of our favorite 25 uses for coconut oil.

  1. Replace vegetable oil and olive oil with coconut oil. We love to fry our chicken in coconut oil. Delicious and healthy.
  2. Lather in your hair as a leave-in conditioner overnight for softer and healthier hair.
  3. Use on split ends to help de-frizz.
  4. Replaces shaving cream.
  5. Replace store bought lotion with coconut oil for soft skin.
  6. Place on mosquito bites to reduce itching.
  7. Use with Apple Cider Vinegar for a natural head lice treatment.
  8. Use as an eye makeup remover.
  9. Use as a cheekbone highlighter (goodbye expensive makeup!)
  10. Melt 1/2 cup of coconut oil with a cup of brown sugar and a few drops of essential oil for a homemade body scrub.
  11. Skip the store-bought massage oil and go straight to the source. Many massage oils use coconut oil as an ingredient anyways.
  12. Use in your bathtub with some Epsom Salt to help soothe muscles.
  13. Use to hydrate and moisturize your lips.
  14. Use coconut oil to relieve the pain from a sunburn.
  15. Treat dry, flaky cuticles by rubbing coconut oil into your nail beds.
  16. Boost your metabolism by simply replacing cooking oil or butter with coconut oil.
  17. Use as a natural fire starter by soaking a cotton balls in melted coconut oil, pack in a ziplock bag, then slightly pull apart the ball and light. Toss in the kindling and you’ve got fire.
  18. Wipe some coconut oil onto patent leather to boost shine.
  19. Add to your smoothie for an energy boost.
  20. Substitute unhealthy butter in your popcorn with melted coconut oil. SO yummy!!!
  21. Try eating a small spoonful of coconut oil or adding it into your tea to help reduce the pain of a sore throat.
  22. Replace nipple cream with coconut oil to help reduce cracked or painful nipples from breastfeeding,
  23. Improve acne and redness by adding a thin layer to your face after cleaning normally.
  24. Rub coconut oil on your stomach to help prevent stretchmarks.
  25. Layer coconut oil over a low SPF sunscreen for a tanner in the summer.

If you are looking for a brand of coconut oil while shopping on a budget, I recommend Trader Joe’s. They have a great coconut oil that we always keep our house stocked with.