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Growing up I always viewed a car as, well… a car. It was just an object that took me from one place to another. As I got older and started having children, my opinion of them changed. They were no longer objects that took me from one location to the next, they were a place where I put my newborn in as I brought him home from the hospital, they are a place my children and I make memories, they are our safe haven on the road, they are where we explore our world, they are a place where I can listen to whatever music I want and reflect on my past, my present and my future, and it’s a place where I can get 5 minutes of “me time” as I drive to go get coffee. You see, cars are so much more than we think and it’s important we get the right one for our family.

Now that I am a mom of three, I have been trying to really decide what my next vehicle will be. I’ve been really picky about what I want in one and nothing has really “excited” me until I got the opportunity to drive a Toyota Sequoia. One week with this SUV and I am sold. I am convinced this is the perfect family vehicle!

The 2018 Toyota Sequoia is not only a great looking vehicle on both the inside and out, but it has a lot of great features to utilize the space within.

Let’s break down some of my favorite features.

Third Row Seating – Third row seating is huge, whether you have a large family or not. There are many times when people come visit that we have to take two cars because we can’t fit 6 people in one vehicle. The Toyota Sequoia not only has third row seating, but you can fit 8 passengers comfortably.

Cup Holders – While every vehicle now comes with cup holders, there are some design elements I love inside the Sequoia. For those with captain seats and smaller children, often times kids struggle to reach the cup holders on the back floor. The Toyota Sequoia has 3 cup holders on the center console. I can not tell you how helpful it was for me to put my son’s cup next to me and just easily pass it back when (or if) he needed it.

Extra Mirror, Say What?! –  There is an extra mirror near the rear view mirror. When pulled down, you can easily see what is going on in the back area where your kids are sitting.

Rear Window – You guys, the rear window ROLLS DOWN! This is such a game changer for anyone who has pets as a part of their family. I can crack the window when our dog is in the back and he can have fresh air and a comfortable ride.

Storage For Days – One of the things I was most impressed by with the Toyota Sequoia was the amount of storage this vehicle has. Every time I was inside of it, it felt like I was finding a new spot to store things in.

Ample Air Vents – Nothing worse than sitting in the back and not being able to feel the air or heat, one of my biggest issues with bigger vehicles. Toyota has put air vents on the ceiling throughout the Sequoia so no matter where you are sitting you can feel air on you. In the Sequoia we drove, the back passenger in the second row could also control their own temperature.

Power Done Right – I can adapt easily to the different vehicles I drive, but it usually still takes a little time to get comfortable in the driver’s seat, especially in bigger vehicles that contain a lot of power under the hood. The minute I got behind the wheel and on the road I felt as if the Sequoia had been my SUV already. It was comfort with the right amount of power.

Safety – With all the latest in safety technology available, the Toyota Sequoia keeps you and your family safe while on the road.

The 2018 Toyota Sequoia has everything your family needs all wrapped up in a beautiful package. The model shown here is the TRD Sport 5.7L V8. You can view all other colors and models by going to

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