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Last month I had the opportunity to head to the Chicago Auto Show where I got up close and personal with the 2018 Honda Odyssey. This impressive minivan sets the bar when it comes to features that just may blow your mind and make driving around children a lot more enjoyable.

One of my favorite new features include CabinTalk where you are able to talk to your children without needing to turn your head and yell. By hitting a simple button on the entertainment system, you can speak normal and the speakers will pump your voice not only to the back of the van, but also through the kids headphones so they can hear what you are saying when you want them to.


CabinWatch is another great feature that allows you to view your kids right from the entertainment system.


The Innovative Magic Slide 2nd-Row seats has stolen the hearts of many parents because it gives you easier access to the 3rd row in a very cool way. Simply grip and slide the 2nd row seats left and right.


During my walk through with the Honda rep I learned there is also an app parents can download so kids in the 3rd row can control the TV, adjust the temperature, and more!

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