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Hyundai Genesis 2015

Last weekend Hyundai flew me out to sunny Scottsdale, Arizona for a media introduction of the all-new 2015 Genesis. This redesigned Genesis quickly grabbed the attention of all with its striking design. With a more European influence, the all-new Genesis is set to take on vehicles of a more luxurious class— vehicles like the  BMW 5- Series, Cadillac CTS, and the Mercedes Benz E-Class— while offering a price that is significantly lower.


At first glance you will notice the bold and sporty front grille which is completely revamped from previous years. Complimenting the ostentatious grille are its sleek looking LED Running Lights. Additional options are available like the HID headlights with High Beam Assist. The HID Headlights improve your road manners without raising a finger. The Genesis’ HID headlights can automatically switch from high beams to low beams when an oncoming car is detected.

2015 Hyundai Genesis

Adding to its more luxurious look, Hyundai stepped away from its traditional logo. The all-new Hyundai Genesis features a new assertive logo that adds to the intrigue of the design.



Hyundai proves that comfort and style can go hand-in-hand when it comes to interior design. A step inside the 2015 Genesis is like a step into luxury and sophistication with its plush interior leather seating, sleek-looking analog clock, real wooden trims available in different grains, 8-in touchscreen with navigation, heated front seats with optional rear seat heating or front seat cooling, and an electronic rear window shade that can be drawn up or down.

2015 Hyundai Genesis

We found the all-new Genesis to be roomier than most of its competitors which makes a huge difference when it comes to comfort.



During our drive we were able to play around with the Intelligent Drive Mode feature. This allowed us to switch between Normal, Sport, Eco and Snow modes that altered the steering, transmission, throttle, and suspension. The Sport mode made a huge difference during all those turns up and down the mountain on our drive in Scottsdale.

Available in both a 3.8L V6 or a 5.0L V8 Hyundai is now offering a choice of rear-wheel-drive or new HTRAC® All-Wheel-Drive (AWD) configurations. HTRAC delivers the all-weather benefits of a traditional AWD, and the fun-to-drive character of a performance-oriented AWD system at the push of a button.

Hyundai Tires


The safety features in the all-new 2015 Genesis are impressive.

I love nothing more than turning on my cruise control when I am on an open road. However, I find myself not using it as much anymore while I am on my daily commute due to the congestion of cars on the road. With the Genesis’ Smart Cruise Control, I no longer have to worry about approaching a car going slower than me as the Smart Cruise Control automatically adjusts its speed based on the car in front of you. It’ll even come to a full stop and then start again without any driver input.

The Automatic Emergency Braking system keeps my mind at ease due to its technology which can completely stop the car or slow it down enough to avoid or minimize damage in a collision.

Blind-Spot Detection system is used to help monitor traffic around the car. While driving, if a car approaches in your blind spot, a light appears on the side mirror to indicate you can’t change lanes. If you activate your turn signal while the light is lit, ignoring the warning indicator, an audible warning with steering wheel vibrations comes on to warn you.

side mirror view

The Rear Cross-traffic Alert is a drivers dream come true when backing out of a parking space. This system scans areas to each side of the car when drivers are backing out of parking spaces. I had a chance while in Scottsdale to test out the Rear Cross-Traffic Alert System when backing out from a parking spot that was surrounded by two huge SUV’s. You know the feeling when you get into your car and realize you can’t even see if there’s anything passing by? Not only do you not know, usually the cars or people passing by can’t see your car either.  This system not only does it scan the areas, it will send a loud signal in your car to warn you not to back up. Kristin from InDeepH2O captured me testing out this system:

Another safety feature I have never seen before is the CO2sensor control system, which is located under the glove box. This world-first technology helps to ensure maximum driver alertness. Hyundai engineers discovered that occupants start to get drowsy when CO2 levels reached more than 2,000 parts per million, so the new ventilation system helps ensure the cabin maintains a CO2 concentration well below that level at all times using freshly-ventilated ambient air. The system monitors the vehicle’s intake of fresh or re-circulated air using a dedicated CO2 sensor.

Additional Features

Hands-free trunk-opening technology is all the rage nowadays. Leg-kick sensors are becoming popular to enable you to open the trunk more conveniently. Hyundai took the hands-free to a whole new level by offering a Smart Trunk system that will open the trunk automatically if the smart key is detected in a pocket or purse within a few feet of the rear bumper for longer than three seconds. This is a parent’s dream come true as we can keep both feet comfortably on the ground while we juggle holding our kids and groceries in our arms.

Speaking of the trunk, the trunk space in the all-new Genesis is huge. To show you just how spacious, myself and two other bloggers piled into the trunk where we sat comfortably. We could have easily added one or two more laying down behind us.


A popular feature to the 2015 Genesis is the new Head-Up Display. This system projects a virtual image onto the windshield, enabling the driver to keep his or her eyes on the road at all times. The system utilizes a wide screen with adjustable brightness to ensure both excellent daytime and nighttime visibility. Driving information such as speed, Smart Cruise Control status, navigation, Blind Spot Detection, Forward Collision Warning, speed limit, Lane Departure Warning System and audio system data is projected at a perceived virtual distance approximately six feet ahead of the driver for maximum legibility while driving.


I honestly didn’t know what to expect when it came to the Head-Up Display as this was my first time experiencing a car capable equipped with this feature. To say I was impressed would be an understatement. In fact, my drive partner kept commenting how she wished she had captured my initial reaction. Being able to keep my eyes on the road at all times is crucial to my family and others. Accidents can happen in a matter of seconds. The only downfall to the Head-up Display is if you are driving wearing polarized lenses. The lenses cancel out the image, making it non-visible.

All together, the new-Genesis has completely made me rethink the way I view luxury sedans. With the Equus and Genesis, Hyundai is giving their competitors a run for their money. Everything from the design to the comfort has me in awe. The only concern I have is for the non-technologically savvy drivers as all this information can get overwhelming. As for me, I happen to think this is a step in the right direction and can’t wait to see how the Genesis will evolve.

The all-new 2015 Hyundai Genesis starts at $38,000 with an estimated combined fuel economy of 18 mpg for the 5.0L V8 RWD and 22 mpg for the 3.8L V6 RWD.

his and hers

Hyundai flew me out to me out to the beautiful Scottsdale, AZ to test drive the all-new Genesis. All expenses were paid but opinions are my own.