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Have you ever traveled somewhere and something that needed immediate attention happened. Maybe you were in the middle of nowhere and your child had an incredibly full diaper that was about to explode at any moment, or your child got car sick and needed a change in clothes, etc. Whatever happened, the feeling of not knowing where to change them starts to send you into panic mode. I’ve been there several times which usually resorts in us trying to lower the back of the passenger seat as low as it can go and propping them up, making them even more uncomfortable and sending them into a screaming/crying fit.

Recently on a trip to Lake Tahoe I realized how truly thankful I am to be driving a Sienna. My little family and I drove up to Lake Tahoe, CA to play in the snow for the day. We folded the back seats completely down in the minivan and stored our snow sleds, box of snow clothes, an ice chest full of snacks and anything else we possibly needed for our trip. Once we arrived we attempted to take our family photo. I say attempted because this is how our photo turned out:


Yep, both boys would not cooperate. One wanted to play, one was upset because snow got into his gloves and neither got the memo to at least look at the camera. Needless to say, this is our holiday photo this year.

The kids had a blast playing in the snow. It was the first time our youngest, Austin, was able to enjoy the snow. He had been once when he was only a few months old and slept the entire time so it was fun to actually play with him. The kids favorite part was probably the sledding.

Kids sledding

After fun in the snow it was time to change the kids into their regular clothes and head to grab some food at a local restaurant. Normally the stress would set in— it was 23 degrees outside and not a dry spot in sight to change them. Luckily for us we had the 2014 Toyota Sienna. Both kids were able to stand up inside the back of the minivan and change. It was dry and very spacious for the kids. Due to the spacious area, the changing of their clothes and shoes was fast and they were able to climb into their car seats without even having to leave the car and step back into the snow. I kept thinking about how awesome it would be if I had a baby that needed a diaper change. The perfect spot to lay your little bundle of joy and change them.


*Toyota provided me with a Sienna to review and a $500 giftcard for activities throughout the campaign. All opinions are my own.