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Back in September I got some of the most exciting news — that I would be driving the 2014 Toyota Sienna for 3 months! This would be my very first experience driving a minivan and I couldn’t wait to get behind the wheel.

I’ll never forget the very first thing out of my 7 year old son’s mouth when I told him about the Sienna.  “You mean we get to ride in one of those vans with a TV in it?!” You see, for over a year now he has been begging me to buy a minivan so he could watch movies during all our car adventures. So when I told him yes, his excitement hit a whole new level.

We are a very busy family and these “car adventures”  happen often. In fact, I put in over 500 miles a week. I remember at an event I attended last spring I learned that the average family spends most of their quality time together while driving.  As I heard that I started to really think and it hit me how true that was for my family. Now that my kids are getting older, our schedules are starting to get more hectic. It made me see the true value in owning a vehicle targeted for the every day family— vehicles like the 2014 Toyota Sienna.

The 2014 Toyota Sienna couldn’t be a more perfect choice for the family needing extra room. My family is small compared to some— with just my husband, two boys, our dog and myself. However the extra space in the Sienna has been a blessing I never realized we needed.

2014 Toyota Sienna

With the amenities to make mom happy, power to make dad happy, technology to make kids happy and space to make the whole family happy — The 2014 Toyota Sienna is a family’s dream come true.

Here’s a quick look inside the 2014 Sienna:

The up-to-date Sienna has the option of a GPS system, which is very useful for the mom on-the-go.

control, GPS sienna

You also have the option to control the temperature of multiple passengers: the driver, front passenger and back passengers’. Huge bonus for our family as we can never agree on the temperature of the car. Plus, anyone who has ever been in the very back seat of a van knows that it can get quite warm back there.

Sienna temp

Speaking of passengers, you can comfortably fit 8, yes 8-passengers in the 2014 Toyota Sienna. However, if 8 passenger’s is too many, you can take out the second row’s middle seat to utilize the reclinable captain’s chairs which will give 7- passenger’s plenty of room.

8 passanger sienna
Recline seats

And last, but certainty not least, the most important to my 7 year old— the entertainment area. Passengers in the back seats can watch movies on the widescreen TV . It even has audio/video input and a household electrical outlet so you can hook up a video game system for extra long car rides. Can you imagine? No whining on long distance road trips? Parents dream come true!

Sienna widescreen

For the next two months I will be sharing my experience in the 2014 Toyota Sienna.  You can follow along our journey on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook by searching the hashtag #SiennaDiaries.


*Toyota provided me with a Sienna to review and a $500 giftcard for activities throughout the campaign. All opinions are my own.