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It has been exactly 10 years since I last went to Warped Tour. For those of you who don’t know what Warped Tour is, it’s a touring music festival with the latest bands in Rock ‘N Roll, Hard Core, Punk Rock, and Metal. I was so excited when I was invited as a special guest of Kia to attend this years Warped Tour in San Francisco, CA.

The weekend started with the drop off of a 2014 Kia Forte. This couldn’t have been a more perfect car to drive up to San Francisco. With the sunroof open, windows down, I blasted some music to pump myself up for the weekend. I arrived at the W Hotel in the swanky Financial District of San Francisco and received an amazing gift bag full of Warped Tour swag..

That night we headed to an intimate dinner at Blue Stem Brasserie. We chose from a private menu that was selected just for us. Luckily I had two of my close blog friends next to me so we each ordered a different main course and dessert so we could sample everything they offered. The food was incredible and a wonderful way to kick-start the weekend.

On Saturday morning the Valet at the W Hotel lined up all the Kia’s in a row along their building. I am sure people were wondering why there were so many Kia’s at the W (definitely made for some great advertising)! We all hopped in our cars and off we went to the Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View, CA. The Shoreline was packed with teens and adults all coming together to appreciate some great artists. I couldn’t believe there were so many bands I recognized from 10 years ago. Bands like: The Aquabats, Motion City Soundtrack, Goldfinger, The Early November, Blessthefall, Ace Enders, The Used, and several more. We slapped on some Press wristbands and made our way inside to the Kia tent to learn about the fun things they had in store.

Inside the Kia tent they had a scream booth, hair chalk, airbrush tattoo’s, and of course a Kia Booth wouldn’t be right without a Kia Soul and Forte parked right outside. While waiting for the official Kia Warped Tour representatives to get there, Bex from Bex Built a Family and I decided we just had to get some matching airbrush tattoos!

Once the wonderful people from Kia got there we made our way to the tour bus area to meet one of the hottest bands performing at Warped Tour— We Came As Romans. They shared about their life on the road, the shows they have been to, their home life and were just wonderful down to earth guys. Little did we know these very mellow boys would put on one insanely energetic show!

After our meet and greet we headed to a private catered lunch. Who knew lunch at a concert could be so delicious? We filled up on Greek food and ate amongst all the bands that are touring with Warped Tour this year. To be able to eat with musicians this well known is something that most people will never get to brag about.

After lunch we were on our own to go check out the bands that were performing. Once we heard the Aquabats were playing, Bex and I made our way to the Kia Soul stage and backstage we went. Once there we found out our press wristbands allowed us to go UP ON STAGE! Someone probably should have pinched me as I had always dreamed of how amazing it would be to watch some of my favorite bands with out getting kicked in the head by crowd surfers and sweated on by surrounding people.

We rocked on stage with The Aquabats, Motion City Soundtrack and ended the day at the concert with an AMAZING performance by We Came As Romans.

The performance by We Came As Romans made me want to come back in my next life as a famous musician. Look how pumped they got the entire crowd! Truly incredible!

After the concert we all hopped back into our Kia’s and headed to the hotel to get ready for a fun night ahead. Kia made special arrangements for us to have a private brewery tour at Thirsty Bear Brewery along with a night full of beer tastings and food! We had a private room upstairs where we all talked about the amazing weekend we had, drank, and played pool. I can’t wait for the next event!

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 Huge thank you to Kia for hosting my #KiaWarped weekend! Accommodations, meals and travel were all taken care of but thoughts are 100% mine.