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If you are looking for a family vehicle, the 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe makes it the top of my list. I had the privilege to get behind the wheel of their six-passenger Santa Fe this past weekend. Yes, you read that right, six-passengers!

This was an amazing experience. We drove from the beautiful town of Coronado, CA to San Diego, CA through freeways, streets and gorgeous winding roads. The scenes were beautiful and it really allowed me to test out how the car handles different roads, the comfort level, and all the fun gadgets inside the car that make everyday driving easier and much more enjoyable.

The redesigned 2013 Santa Fe has so many features that make it the ultimate family vehicle. I instantly fell in love with the option of having either a six or seven-passanger CUV. At first glance the Santa Fe looks small, but it proves that looks can be deceiving. I am not a fan of large SUV’s but I hate that we normally have to compromise interior space when we opt for a smaller option. Just one look inside the 2013 Santa Fe and I knew that this CUV was in a field of its own.

I am excited to tell you about all the features that made me choose the 2013 Santa Fe as my top choice for a family vehicle. Here are a few:

Large cargo area-

If you’ve ever experienced the cargo area of a CUV, you know how frustrating it can be to try and store items when the third row is in use. The cargo area in the Santa Fe is not only spacious when the third row is being used, but there are many options to provide additional space like a 50/50 fold-flat on the 3rd row and the ability to fold down the 2nd row Captain Chairs. To show how large the cargo area is, myself and three other bloggers decided to pile in the back.

This should give you an idea of how easily you could store your stroller, grocery bags, bikes, or whatever you choose.

Impressive second-row seating-

Not only do you have the option of the six or seven-passenger seating, but the second-row seats are configured such that even adults won’t be disappointed to give up shotgun. Like pure luxury, the second-row is available with heated rear seats, integrated sunshades and the ability to slide and recline. You also don’t have to compromise space. You can easily fit a car seat (or multiple car seats) and still have plenty of room for the driver and passenger up front to recline their seat to their liking.

Panoramic Sunroof-

I have mentioned before how beneficial panoramic sunroofs are and I am so glad they included this as an option in the 2013 Santa Fe. Who needs a TV in the car to entertain your children when you have an incredible sunroof? My kids love to look at the clouds while driving. Their imagination runs wild as they make up shapes and animals with the clouds in the sky. It is definitely a priceless memory for us and one that you can create yourselves.

Cloth seats without the headache-

This is the most impressive feature when it comes to parents. Choosing a vehicle with cloth upholstery can be pretty scary especially with small children. Stains seem to appear out of nowhere. The 2013 Santa Fe comes with YES Essentials Stain Resistant Cloth Seats. This is a parent’s dream come true. YES Essentials is taking a unique approach to automotive interior fabric. Their proven technology provides ease of care for the stains, smells and mishaps of everyday life. That’s right, no stains, smells, or static. I will never buy another car without this feature.

Power Tailgate-

So many times I have wished my tailgate would open automatically for me. Usually it is the days I am grocery shopping with my kids or taking them to sporting practices. I cannot begin to explain how convenient it is to own a vehicle that has the option to open and close its tailgate with the push of a button. Choices that I want from a vehicle are choices that I get from the Santa Fe.

Safety comes first-

Safety really does come first with the 2013 Santa Fe. They’ve loaded the Santa Fe with brilliant safety features inside and out, including a driver’s knee airbag, Hillstart Assist Control (HAC), Downhill Brake Control (DBC), and a rear camera. These are features that go above and beyond. You can’t put a price on safety and knowing your family is safe in a vehicle is the number one priority.

I could honestly go on about all the great features the 2013 Santa Fe is packed with. If you are considering getting a new family car, I highly recommend considering the Santa Fe an option and taking a test drive. They really had family’s in mind while with the redesign of this impressive CUV.

Hyundai flew me out to me out to the beautiful Coronado, CA to test drive the Santa Fe. All expenses were paid but opinions are my own.