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White Elephant Gift Guide


Can you believe there are only 20 days left until Christmas? Time sure flies during the holiday season which means the stores tend to be packed and holiday shopping can get overwhelming. Many people are opting to have “White Elephant” gift exchanges, but it can sometimes be hard to think of a fun gift to bring. White Elephant exchanges range in theme from normal gifts like candles and chocolate to the silliest of gag gifts. I prefer the funny variety, and so we bring you a list of some epic gifts all under $25 to bring to your White Elephant Exchange!


Space Kitten Women’s Leggings


Cat PantsLeggings are in this year, but how do you take leggings up a notch? You make them space leggings. Wanna up that notch one more time? Add kittens…Space Kitten Leggings. Do I really need to further explain why these are amazing and PERFECT to bring to a white elephant exchange?

Salt + Magic Shakers


Salt + Magic Shakers

These are hilarious! Just like a fairy godmother, you too can wave your magic wand and transform your boring dinner into a culinary creation.

Muffin Tops Cupcake Molds


Muffin TopsI need these in my life. No, seriously. I just ordered them. Oh the irony of offering your friends some “Muffin Tops” when they come over for a play date or brunch, only to find that they are served as literal muffin tops with so many meanings??

Turntable Kitchen Timer


Turntable Kitchen TimerWhy use a boring old timer in your kitchen when you can have this gem? Such a funny gift, I bet it would be stolen a few times during the exchange!

Operation Apron


Operation ApronWe all played Operation as kids, now you can wear it too! This apron will for sure make the recipient the talk of the party and every dinner party thereafter.

Fuzzy Face Picture Frame


Fuzzy Face FrameI think I’m in love with this picture frame. 1. Because it brings back the nostalgia of playing with Wooly Willy and 2. Because the man pictured looks like Phil Dunphy. Any other PD fans out there? He’s my favorite. This gift gives hours of entertainment and hilarity changing pictures around to add on things like goatees, mustaches and unibrows to even the most beautiful of people.


Gnome On The Throne


Gnome On The ThroneI mean. Really. This needs no explaination, I just know that it made me giggle and would be the star of your white elephant exchange!

All My Friends Are Dead, All My Friends Are Still Dead, and Goodnight iPad

All My Friends Are DeadGoodnight iPad

These Books are perfect gag gifts. The All My Friends Are Dead series are hilarious and bring on the giggles when read aloud. The Goodnight iPad book is a play on Goodnight Moon, obviously. Rather than the tiny little mouse and the little lady whispering hush, you are bidding goodnight to modern electronics, and it is a silly read.

Gift Cards

Available Everywhere: Prices Vary

What? Gift cards for a silly gift exchange? That seems so normal, right?! WRONG. Say your price limit is $25. Go get 25 $1 Gift cards to different stores! So funny and really the most impractical thing I’ve ever heard of, which makes it perfect for a white elephant exchange.

As Seen On TV

Prices Vary

The ultimate in funny gifts. From things like the Snuggie to the Shakeweight to the Neckline Slimmer, products from the infomercial world are sure to give a good laugh when opened up!