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Welcome to Simply Real Mom’s Gift Guide Series! Every day this week we will feature a gift guide for each member of your family. From the kids, to mom and dad or even the grandparents, we have it all when it comes to gift ideas! In case you’ve missed it, here are the gift guides for infants and moms!

Today’s gift guide is for tweens. Tweens are one of the hardest ages to buy for—not quite old enough for teenage items, yet old enough to want something a little different! Here you can find great gifts for tweens for any price range!

Wii U

A Wii is the perfect gaming system for tweens. The new Wii U supports all of the same features of the original Wii while adding a new feature—a touch screen controller! Read reviews and buy it on Amazon!

iPod Touch

The iPod Touch is a gift that any tween will go crazy for, especially with the new, snazzy colors to choose from! Combine it with some bright-colored headphones and an iTunes gift card and your tween will be set. Learn more about it at Apple’s website.

Apples to Apples, Junior

Get ready for hours of laughter and family time. Open this gift up Christmas morning and enjoy a game your whole family will love—Apples to Apples Junior! This game of hilarious comparisons where there aren’t any right or wrong answers is one our family favorites. It never fails to get us laughing and spending time together as a family. Read more about it and buy it at Amazon.


Legos are a timeless gift that any girl or boy can be creative with for hours on end. Think of your child’s personal interests. Chances are, there is a Lego set to fit him/her! Is your child into reading the Harry Potter books right now? Or how about pets? There are sets for everyone! Start your Lego collection with the basic set from Amazon.

Digital Camera

Tweens love independence while still staying involved. Get your child excited about family events and vacations by giving them their own point and shoot camera! Your tween will have a new found excitement and love of photography!


No holiday (or birthday) gift giving is complete unless you give your child at least one book! I always give books as gifts. One of the most popular books for tweens currently is Chomp. Be sure to get your tween something they’ll love to curl up with!

Gift cards!

When in doubt, gift cards are always a wonderful idea!