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There’s no denying pregnancy is a beautiful thing. Creating a tiny human being for 9 months is truly a gift not to be taken for granted. However, sometimes it’s the unexpected expectations that we may not prepared for. I’ve often learned there are a lot of things that happen during pregnancy that friends, books, and pregnancy apps haven’t really discussed, which leaves first time moms worried and feeling alone.

While pregnancy is beautiful, it also has it’s (very) weird moments.

Morning Sickness Can Go Well Into Your Second or Third Trimester-

So many times we are told that morning sickness will ease up once your second trimester hits, around 14 weeks. For some, that is true, but for many that dreadful morning sickness can last well into their pregnancy. With my first born I was sick until 7 months, with my second it was 5 months. So don’t get too discouraged if you’re still feeling sick after your second trimester hits. Every woman is different, but you aren’t alone if it doesn’t ease up right away.

Overproducing Saliva-

This is probably one of my most hated pregnancy symptoms. No one told me my mouth could produce that much saliva. The constant need to spit is real, which also make the nausea seem worse. I found that sucking on mints helped a lot and trying to reduce carb and sugar intake also helped with the overproduction.

Leg Cramps-

Sitting, sleeping, relaxing…. it can happen at any moment and it is NOT fun!


Getting lightheaded and dizzy can be very normal in pregnancy, especially in the second trimester. It always seemed to hit me while I was in the shower. The good news is it doesn’t last long, but can be frequent. It’s always best to keep an eye on the dizziness as it could also mean your blood pressure or sugar is low, so always make sure to mention it to your practitioner when you have your next appointment.

Itchy Skin-

Oh the itching.  It can seem like it’s all day, every day and that’s because of the lovely stretching that is happening to grow that beautiful baby. Your stomach, thighs, sides, breasts, legs, it all can seem to drive you crazy. Just make sure to oil up with some stretch mark oil like Belli Elasticity Oil and then coat again with some stretch mark lotion. Do it at least twice a day to minimize the itching.

Light Cramping and Brown Discharge-

This part can be very scary when it happens but it also can be very normal.

Light cramping is common in pregnancy as there’s so much going on. However if the cramping becomes worse than period cramps, you need to call your doctor.

Brown discharge I think is what most pregnant woman worry about. It can happen after peeing, sex, or anything. Often times it is just old blood finally making it’s way out, even after being pregnant for a few months. I would recommend calling your doctor just for a peace of mind, but know this is normal for many women and the baby is usually healthy and happy inside the womb.

Regular Discharge-

Oh hello, you disgusting thing. Discharge is not only gross, it feels so gross too! I recommend buying some panty liners to help with the discomfort as pregnant woman can have more discharge than non-pregnant women.


During the second trimester many women experience sinus pressure and nosebleeds. Try and keep a travel sized tissue pack in your purse as it can happen any where, at any time.


Not a crybaby? Well, don’t be surprised if you become an emotional wreck watching the next sentimental commercial. Being hormonal during pregnancy can either turn you into a crying mess or a raging bitch in a matter of seconds.

Intense Smells-

One of the first indicators that I was pregnant was my heightened sense of smell. I could tell what someone ate even if I was across the room from them. It’s like a superpower pregnant women possess and it can either be a good thing, or bad thing depending on what you’re smelling.

Food Aversions-

Why? Why must this happen. I was always so excited to be pregnant because that meant I could eat what I wanted without people giving me crap for it. But thanks to the lovely food aversions, it can make eating some of your favorite foods the worst experience you’ve had. So many people get aversions to meats and things that have strong tastes and smells. You also many find yourself reaching for foods you never liked before while your once beloved meals are now making your stomach churn. Food Aversions sucks and can last throughout your pregnancy.

Hot Flashes-

Wait a minute…. You’re not going through menopause. Nope, you’re not, but thanks to pregnancy you can still get hot flashes. Sweating in the middle of the night in the dead of winter is always a ton of fun (insert eyeroll).


SO.TIRED. Oh man, is fatigue strong. Even the simplest things like making your bed or walking a few steps can seem like you just ran a marathon. All I wanted to do during my first trimester was nap all day long and then go to bed around 8pm. It’s as if you can’t get enough. If your fatigue doesn’t start to get better by your second trimester, be sure to mention it to your doctor as it could be a sign of low iron, but for the most part… fatigue can take over your entire first trimester.

Running Out Of Breath-

Seriously, I remember running out of breath just talking. If this happens to you, you are not alone.

Feeling Full-

This one seems like an obvious thing but it wasn’t for me and other pregnant women I talked to. Your stomach is growling because it’s time to eat, so you take a couple bites of your meal and all of a sudden you feel as if you just ate an entire Thanksgiving dinner. Thanks to your bundle of joy taking up a lot of space, you may not be eating all that food you dreamed of. I found eating small, frequent meals really helped to get the nutrients I needed without feeling like my pants were going to explode.


Thankfully Tylenol in moderation is allowed because headaches are never fun.

Round Ligament Pain-

Ouch! This is one of the most common complaints pregnant women talk about. You can feel it in your lower stomach or groin area and while it hurts, it’s completely normal.

Frequent Need To Pee-

While this is discussed in pregnancy books and apps, I just felt I needed to add it because the peeing seems to never stop. You can kiss sleeping through the night goodbye as you’ll probably be waking up every 2-3 hours a night to hit the restroom.

No Symptoms At All-

Yes, this is real and for the women experiencing nothing at all, are often worried that something is wrong. As long as you have gone to your doctor appointment and the baby looked healthy, you should just count yourself one of the lucky few!