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Let’s face it, toddlers are notorious for throwing tantrums just because. We’ve put together a list of reasons why our toddlers throw tantrums. Can you relate?

Reasons Why My Toddler is Throwing a Tantrum

Doesn’t want the snack he asked for

Doesn’t want to nap

They couldn’t get the fun car shopping cart made for kids

Doesn’t want to hold my hand while walking across the street

Doesn’t want THOSE shoes

Couldn’t get the last cheerio on the spoon

Wouldn’t let her draw on her baby brother

I didn’t let him buckle himself in the carseat

Put herself in time out for no reason

I wouldn’t buy the candy from the store

She didn’t want the toy she asked me for

He can’t go swimming in the winter

You went to the grocery store without them

No one is paying attention to her

Doesn’t want to get out of the bath once I fought her to get into the bath

She got a haircut


Doesn’t want to wake up

Because she’s a toddler