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Making Math part of your day and teaching your children basic Math concepts doesn’t have to be tedious! There are many simple, fun (and sometimes helpful with household chores!) ways to incorporate Math into your life every single day.

  • Count the stairs as you walk up and down them.
  • Collect leaves. Sort leaves by size, shape or color. Try doing some leaf rubbings with crayons and paper to find patterns in the veins of the leaves.
  • Have your child help sort and match socks.
  • Let your child help cook-especially when following a recipe! Talk about measuring and pouring. Let your child add ingredients and count how many scoops are being added. Talk about how long the recipe needs to cook and set a timer.
  • Find patterns in nature or around your house. For example, many flowers have patterns, bathroom tile or stripes on a carpet.
  • Make patterns and sort snacks! Colorful snacks such as Fruity Cheerios or Rainbow Goldfish are easy to sort by color or make color patterns with.
  • Read Math books such as 1, 2, 3, To the Zoo, 10 Apples Up on Top, and Fish Eyes.
  • Go on a number hunt! See where you can find numbers around your home or neighborhood.
  • Have your child sort silverware and dishes to be put away.
  • Have your child help set the table (that helps encourage 1 to 1 correspondence with counting and sorting!).
  • Go on a shape hunt. Give your child a piece of paper cut into a certain shape (such as a circle), then collect various things that match the shape.
  • Tie a loop of yarn or ribbon. Ask your child to use the yarn to make shapes on the floor.
  • Collect coins in a jar, then sort them by type of coin. Take them to the bank together and see how much there is!
  • Play hopscotch!
  • Sing Math songs such as 5 Green and Speckled Frogs or 5 Little Ducks.

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