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It’s February and while couples everywhere are planning romantic Valentine’s Day plans for each other, I am focusing on showing more love to my whole family. My husband and I have never been big on celebrating Valentine’s Day, we tend to have a nice dinner at home and call it a day…a great reason for a great dinner.

Since having kids, we have focused our Valentine’s energy onto them to show them a little more attention and affection for a day. But why one day? I want to show my kids a little extra love EVERY day. Something special dedicated to each of them or all of them, even small gestures.

We decided that this year we would start small and instead of one big Valentine’s Day we would love on our kids in a special way each day for the days leading up to Valentines Day! So here’s our plan for 14 days of love for our kids, feel free to follow along with your kids!!

Day 1: Make A Parent/Child Diary
Create a diary for you and your child to share. Send each other notes and ideas back and forth, give them encouragement and love and it feels so exclusive and special for your child!Parent+ Child Diary

Day 2:Let Them Choose Dinner
I don’t know about your kids but mine complain about 75% of the dinners I make. So for day 2 I let them choose anything they want for dinner. It will probably be spaghetti or breakfast food!

Day 3: “Yes Day”
Have you heard of this? You say “yes” (within reason) to everything your kids ask for for a day! We have rules for our yes days…nothing dangerous or illegal-not letting my toddler drive a car, they can’t ask to extend their yes day and they have a limit on how much I will spend in one day. Other than that? It’s on. The kids LOVE yes days and feel so special when we do everything they want for a day!

Day 4: Special Breakfast
Surprise them with their favorite breakfast when they wake up, or better yet, breakfast in bed! You can even take them out for a special breakfast!

Day 5: Create A Secret Handshake
My oldest son and I created a handshake code years ago that holds strong even today. When we hold hands, we will squeeze the other’s hand three times to say “I Love You”, then the other squeezes back three times. It’s secret, only we know we’re doing it and I hope it lasts till he’s grown.Celebrate 14 Days of Love With Your Kids for Valentine's Day

Day 6: Do A Puzzle Together
Puzzles take time. Quiet, screen free time that you can spend catching up with each other and just spending time together!

Day 7: Treat Night!
My kids love when we surprise them with a treat night. We aren’t really dessert people (don’t get me wrong, we LOVE desserts but just don’t indulge too often) so when we finish dinner and say “Let’s make sundaes!” or “Let’s go get froyo!” The kids get so excited!

Day 8: Go Pick Out a Book To Read Together
Go to the bookstore or the library together and pick out a new book to read. It’s a great way to spend time with your kids, both choosing the books and reading them! Reading together is always a calm and cherished time in our home.

Day 9: Movie Night
It’s Friday night! Hit up Redbox or your Netflix stream and choose a fun movie the whole family will love! Make sure to stock up on treats like popcorn and candy to make the night feel like you’re at the theaters, then bring all your pillows into the living room and cozy up with blankets while you all snuggle and enjoy your movie!

Day 10: Take Photos Together
So many parents realize that they don’t have too many frameable pictures with their kids! Sure, we all take selfies but taking the time to have pictures taken with your kids is a gift that will last a lifetime for you and for your kids! I asked my husband to take some pictures of me with each of my boys because I am always the picture taker and not usually in many photos.Mother & Son photos

Day 11: Bake Heart Pizzas
Baking together is as fun as it is chaotic but the kids just love it. We love to make heart shaped personal pizzas! The kids choose their own toppings and then they’re happy with their dinner because they made it!Make Your Own Heart Pizza

Day 12: Make Valentine’s Shirts
Use THIS tutorial and create fun love-themed shirts together for your kids to wear on Valentine’s Day.Simply Made: Valentine's T-Shirts 8

Day 13: Drink Cupid Floats
This is a favorite in our house, and during February these fun drinks are called Cupid Floats (the rest of the year they’re just Shirley Temple Floats). Simply place ice cream, grenadine and sprite into a cup and top with a cherry for a fun pink drink that every kid LOVES!

Cupid FloatsDay 14: Party Room
Decorate their room while they sleep or while they’re at school for a fun Valentine’s Day surprise! Use heart balloons, streamers and handmade love notes to put a big smile on their faces.