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Halloween is almost here and to help get you in the spirit, we have compiled a list of our 13 favorite Halloween treats. Whether you are planning a spooky themed party, or sending treats for your child’s Halloween party at school, these fun treats are easy and will get everyone excited to eat them.

1. Mini Candy Corn Sugar Cookies


How adorable are these candy corn sugar cookies? They a mini, so fill up a little bag and try not to be tempted to eat them all.

View Recipe: HERE

2. Halloween Marshmallow Pops


These are not only adorable, they are easy to make as they require no baking.

View Recipe: HERE

3. Rice Krispie Treat Monsters


These take Rice Krispie Treats to a whole new level!

View Recipe: HERE

4. Halloween Pretzels


Love this idea of turning pretzels into a fun themed treat!

View Recipe: HERE

5. Mummy Mini Piñata


I have never thought to do anything like this and I love how it turns just a plain ol’ treat into something so much more fun for kids!

View Tutorial: HERE

6. Gooey Monster Cookies


Eek! How fun are these?

View Recipe: HERE

7. Bat Bites, Witches Broom, Witches Hat, Monster Eyeball


Because really.. how could you just choose one? I am obsessed! Plus, only 4-ingredients in each one!

View Recipes: HERE

8. Monster Cupcakes


What a fun and easy idea to decorate a cupcake!

View Recipe: HERE

9.  Halloween Marshmallow Pops


These may just be too pretty to eat but I can stop looking at them!

View Recipe: HERE

10. Witches Brew Brownies


These may be the most fun treat I’ve seen.

View Recipe: HERE

11. Lolly Pops Spiders


These are so simple and adorable.

View Tutorial: HERE

12. Candy Corn Swirl Cookies


Love this idea and the colors!

View Recipe: HERE

13. Tangerine Pumpkins


Sometimes you want to give a healthier option, and what better way than with little tangerines?

View Tutorial: HERE