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Lunch ideas are something a lot of us struggle with. To make things a little easier, we linked up our favorite lunch ideas that are simple to make. Happy eating!

1.  Ham and Cheese Turnoversham cheese turnovers

Lunch staples with a fun twist (see what I did there?) Get the recipe here

2.  Easy Burrito Bowlsburrito bowl

Easily customizable for the whole family. Get the recipe here

3.  Grilled PB&Jgrilled peanut butter jelly

I’ll take two, please. Get the recipe here

4.  BLTA Wrapblta wrap

It’s in a wrap, so it’s healthy, right? Get the recipe here

5. Kale Pesto Egg Saladkale egg salad

Egg salad with a healthy twist! Get the recipe here

6. Roll-Ups With Bacon, Peas, and New Potatoesbacon roll ups

I think bacon and tortillas are like the grown up equivalent of pb & j.  They just go together. Get the recipe here

7. Easy Pizza Muffinspizza muffins

You had me at “pizza.” Get the recipe here

8.  Ten-Minute Tomato Souphomemade tomato soup

The ultimate comfort food.  In ten minutes. Get the recipe here

9. Apple-Cheddar Paniniapple cheddar panini

Mmmmm.  Apples and cheese. Get the recipe here

10. Baked Corn Dogsbaked corn dogs

If you want to make it even easier, just wrap the dogs in canned biscuit dough.  But this way looks pretty delicious. Get the recipe here

11. Hummus Mini Pita Pockets  hummus pita

Everything is pre-made.  All you have to do is assemble. Get the recipe here

12.  Broccoli Mac & Cheesebroccoli mac and cheese

In a pinch, you could even bust out the blue box and add broccoli to make yourself feel better. Get the recipe here