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Tired of replacing your child’s outgrown jeans every few months? Do you have to search high and low for a pair of pants to fit over a bulky cloth diaper? We have the solution to your problems: Project Pomona pants and jeans.

This innovative product was invented by a mom who couldn’t find the right product for her child. Here’s her story:

“I received a wonderful gift of gently used baby clothes right before the birth of my first child back in 2008. I was so excited for her to wear them all. Much to my dismay, none of the super cute jeans, cords and non-knit pants really worked great over cloth diapers. Even sizing up left little room for her to comfortably sit or crawl.

“Once we had four little ones in the immediate family using cloth diapers, I decided to design a pant that could be make out of denim, corduroy or any non-knit material that would still comfortably fit our kiddos. After all, a little boy just has to have a good pair of jeans no matter what type of diaper he is wearing.

“The great thing I have found in the design process is that these pants work well for all sorts of shapes and sizes and ALL diaper types; not only is the waist adjustable, but the hip area is not constraining in the way most baby and toddler pants are made. Pair that with a turn up accent cuff and you get a truly adjustable pant.  And did I mention that they are so easy to get on and off? 

“They were designed to work with cloth but work great over all diapers, disposables included. My youngest has been my daily tester and model. She has really been wearing the same size, Size 2, for eight months now and still has room to go. Just think, one pair of jeans or shorts that really lasts through at least three traditional children’s sizes.”

Guess what? Today we are giving YOU the opportunity to win one of these awesome pairs of jeans from Project Pomona for your little one! The jeans are available in multiple sizes and styles. The winner can pick whichever one they want!

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