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There are some days I struggle to have energy. It takes everything in me to get the kids ready for school and then by the time I get home, I am ready to lay on the couch and do nothing. All my plans I had scheduled for the day don’t seem to get done.

I have been implementing things every day to help boost my energy, and I am so excited to share these with you. Here are 8 natural energy boosters.

1. BRAGG Organic Apple Cider Vinegar All Natural Drink:

If you don’t know about this drink, you’re missing out. We all know there are a ton of health benefits to apple cider vinegar and I am so excited BRAGG has a tasty drink made with it, that also boosts energy. You can find more information about it HERE.

2. Exercise:

This is probably the last thing you want to do, but do it. Your body, mind and energy will thank you.

3. Green Tea:

There are lots of reasons why green tea is a great choice, but some studies have also found that green tea can boost your energy levels, most likely thanks to the caffeine.

4. Whole Grains:

Whole grains, like oatmeal, are absorbed slower, giving you a longer-lasting boost. Oats also contain B-vitamins like niacin, thiamin, and folate which work together to help your body metabolize energy.

5. Snack on Almonds:

Almonds contain important nutrients like magnesium and B vitamins that help convert food to energy.

6. Crank up the music:

Open up those windows and turn up the tunes. It’s hard to sit still when you have some fun, energized music to sing and dance too. If anything, it’ll make your day time cleaning a little more fun.

7. Get Outside and Get Some Sun:

If staying indoors is doing nothing for your energy levels, it’s time to head outside and get some sun. Go on a walk, plant something in your garden, take a stroll and window shop. Whatever you decide to do, plan something enjoyable outside.

8. Eat breakfast:

They say breakfast is you most important meal, so make sure you fuel up before you start your day. Food= Fuel.

9. Take a Power Nap:

Sometimes your body just needs a little rest before you can go on with your day. Don’t mistake napping for laziness as sometimes it can create more energy. A power nap is anywhere from 10-20 minutes. Don’t go beyond that and make sure to set an alarm.

10. Eat Dark Chocolate:

Like I need to convince you of this. Cocoa is known to naturally have caffeine in it and cocoa is in chocolate. It’s like a win-win.

11. Ditch the Sugary Drinks and Food:

Bye Felicia! Sugar, while giving you a quick boost, will eventually leave you crashing. Just say no, and opt for some more natural and healthy drinks and foods instead.