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Gone are the days with sparkly dresses, packed bars with overpriced drinks, and kissing a random stranger at midnight. Nowadays parents have to find a different (and what i’d like to think, better) way to have fun and incorporate their children for their New Year’s Eve festivities. Being a parent doesn’t mean the night has to be boring, there are still so many ways to make it exciting for both adults and children.

Here are  10 ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve with kids.

1. Toast With a Fun Mocktail for Kids

While the adults can sip on some champagne to toast the New Year, get creative with the kids by doing a DIY non-alcoholic drink bar. Set up fun fruits, decorative glasses, sprite or sparkling water and let the kids get creative with their own bubbly.

2. Get Dressed Up

Just because you aren’t hitting up an extravagant party, doesn’t mean your family can’t get dressed up. Put on your fanciest clothes for you and your kids, blast some fun tunes and get excited for the New Year.

3. Set up a Photo Booth

Create a DIY photo booth for you and your kids. Get creative, taking silly photos together.

4. Make Resolutions

As a family create resolutions for 2017.

5. Host a Party for Friends With Kids

You can’t be the only person you know who probably isn’t doing anything on NYE. Invite those friends for dinner, drinks (bubbly or not), let the kids play and enjoy each other’s company.

6. Celebrate With Confetti Poppers

You may not make it out to see fireworks or watch the ball drop, so make some of these adorable confetti poppers and celebrate this way.

7. Have a Movie Marathon

Whether you’re streaming movies on Netflix, renting a bunch of movies at redbox, or opening your movie drawers to re-watch some of your favorites, make it a movie night. Pop some popcorn, make some hot cocoa, and ring in the New Year with your favorite pajamas.

8. Netflix Countdown 

Netflix has a great option that’s geared towards children. The shows will be avaliable on demand so you can do your New Year’s countdown right before bedtime.

Here’s a sneak peek:

9. Ring in the Noon Year

A lot of kids can’t stay up until midnight (I mean, I can barely), so count down until the noon year. Bring out the confetti poppers, toast with a tasty mocktail, and count down to the stroke of 12 p.m. on December 31.

10. Get Creative in the Kitchen

Find a fun recipe on Pinterest. Maybe it’s a gourmet mac & cheese you and the kids will like, a fun dessert, and a tasty punch, either way get the kids involved in the meal planning and have a great feast before ringing in the New Year.