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10 Mother Son Dates

Mother and son quality time is so important, even as your son gets older and starts to push you away and act “too cool” to spend time with mom. But sometimes, it’s hard to think of fun, new ways to spend time together–especially one on one ways. That’s where this list of 10 Mother Son Dates comes in! Some of these ideas are geared toward younger boys, some toward older. The key with mother son dates is to know what your child is interested in and take it from there!

Make it a goal on these Mother and Son Dates to have conversations together about things that really matter-things that are important to both of you. But don’t forget that a little silence never hurt anyone, so don’t let the situation get awkward if there are moments of silence.

10 Mother and Son Date Ideas:

  • Volunteer together: Find something your son is interested in (even if it’s something that you might not be the fondest of) and volunteer together! Maybe it’s walking dogs at the local humane society or helping out at the library. Giving back to the community will make your son feel better about himself and doing it together will build a lifetime memory.
  • Visit the Fire Station: Fire stations are more than willing to give tours of their facilities. Also, they usually hold open houses throughout the year. Take your son for a special day where they get to see the station, learn about the trucks and even sit in them!
  • Visit a museum, zoo or aquarium: There is nothing more fun than a day spent together at a museum, zoo or aquarium. Let your son pick what interests him the most and plan out the route for exploring the visit for the day. Take your son’s lead on this one!
  • Head to play ball: Hit it up at the batting cages! Take a few swings at the batting cages and round it out with a game of putt-putt golf.
  • Build something together: Pick up a kit together of something that interests your son-it might be a rocket kit, a car kit or even a Kinex kit. Build it together and see if you can make it go!
  • Get wet or muddy: Head out in the rain and play in the puddles! Or, if it’s a thunderstorm, wait until the rain passes and then get out there and splash around.
  • Cook: Everyone loves a guy who can cook. So start teaching your son now how to cook! Let him pick the recipe, head to the store together to buy the ingredients and cook a meal together.
  • Read-together: Especially as children get older, parents stop reading with their children. Pick out a book with your son and read together. Even if this means reading the same book-not out loud-but having discussions about it-DO IT! It’s especially fun to pick a book that there’s an upcoming movie coming out about! Read the book, then go see the movie and compare the book to the movie.
  • Head to Home Depot: Did you know Home Depot has a project one Saturday a month that you can go build with your child? Check out your local Home Depot for the details!
  • I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! There is nothing better than getting an ice cream cone together and enjoying watching the sunset on a beautiful evening.

Do you have any fun Mother Son Dates that you have a tradition of doing? Please, share with our readers!