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As a single mom, I’ve encountered so many judgmental comments or evil stares from people. Most of them stem from misconceptions people have about being a single parent.

Here are 10 misconceptions about single moms: (Can you relate or add any to the list?)

Misconception # 1: Single moms are uneducated and unambitious.

  • Reality: Single moms are ambitious. They want the best for their children and you might be surprised to find single moms as teachers, nurses, or going to school full time to provide the best life they can for their family.

Misconception #2: Single moms love their children less than children from a two-parent household.

  • Reality: Not only are single moms the mom, but many play the dad role as well.

Misconception #3: Single moms live off of child support and/or government assistance.

  • Reality: Most single moms have to work more than one job. In fact, many of them don’t get child support from their child’s father so working more than one job is a must-have to make ends meet.

Misconception #4: Single moms go out partying all the time and are always bringing guys home.

  • Reality: Not only are single moms tired from working their two jobs but what single mom has the time or money to go out partying?!

Misconception #5: Single moms got pregnant from a one-night stand and that’s why the father isn’t around.

  • Reality: Single moms come from all sorts of realities. A mom may have become single through divorce, sperm donor banks, failed relationships, or through the death of a loved one. How a mom became single is irrelevant!

Misconception #6: Single moms leave their kids at daycare all day long so they can have time to themselves.

  • Reality: Remember those two jobs single moms are working just to pay the bills? Kids are in daycare so they can work.

Misconception #7: Single moms are looking for a “replacement” dad.

  • Reality: Single moms looking for a relationship aren’t looking for someone who is going to come in and play dad to their kids. They want a normal, adult relationship with another human!

Misconception #8: Single moms want to keep children from their fathers.

  • Reality: Many single moms want their children to have both parents active and involved. They don’t put the children in the middle to “get back” at the dad.

Misconception #9: Single moms are promiscuous.

  • Reality: Single moms aren’t any more or less promiscuous than the next parent. All it takes is one time to get pregnant!

Misconception #10: Single moms are irresponsible, when it comes to themselves and their children.

  • Reality: Single moms put their children first just as much as any other parent.

How many of these misconceptions have you run into? Any that you care to add?

*This list is not meant to exclude single fathers. I simply can’t speak from the single dad’s perspective on misconceptions since I am a single mom. Single dads-feel free to leave feedback!