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St. Patrick’s Day will be here before we know it. It was never a holiday I celebrated until I had children. Seeing the excitement my kids had over a little leprechaun made this day even more enjoyable. If you want to have some fun with the leprechaun, we have some great ideas that are easy to do.

Here are 10 leprechaun tricks to play on kids for St. Patrick’s Day.

Turn The Milk Green – 

May sound weird, but adding some drops of food coloring into the jug of milk or into their cups, can make morning time lots of fun.

Make Green Eggs And Ham –

Who doesn’t love green eggs and ham? You can even take it to the next level and read Green Eggs and Ham with your kids before bed and cook this up for breakfast the next morning.

Make Green Pancakes –

My kids are always asking for pancakes. Add a little green food coloring to the mix and create some fluffy, green pancakes.

Make A Leprechaun Trap –

This is SUCH a fun craft to do with your kids leading up until St. Patrick’s Day. I know a lot of children’s schools have this craft as a project, but if they don’t, this is definitely a great craft to do. There are some complicated ones and basic ones, but this one from Who Arted, is my absolute favorite DIY!

Swap A Light Bulb For A Green One –

Such an easy thing to do, cheap and to see the look on your kids faces is priceless. Whether you swap the lights in the bathroom or bedroom, definitely add this to your St. Patrick’s Day to-do list.

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Remove All Marshmallows From Lucky Charms-

Leprechauns are known to be little tricksters and what a sneaky little trick this would be for the kids.

Line All Your Kids Shoes In An Organized Row And Fill Them With Gold Coins –

Leprechauns are also known for their obsession with organization and their shoes. This is definitely an affordable way to have some fun with the kids.

Flip Chairs Upside Down –

When the kids wake up and walk into the kitchen for breakfast, they will laugh when they see the leprechaun flipped the chairs in the dining room.

Serve Frozen Cereal –

The night before, take your kids cereal, pour some milk into a bowl with it, and freeze it. The next morning pour some fresh milk over it and watch your kids try and stick their spoon into the cereal.

Make Green Ice Cubes – 

Mix water and green food coloring in a glass and pour it into ice molds, freeze and serve in water.