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Having a child can be very expensive, especially once you are adding on siblings. Luckily for some they have hand-me-downs that have been passed to them. Even if you can afford to buy everything brand new, why would you want to when there are some incredible items out there that you can either buy for more than 50% off or get for free?

For those of you whose eyes lit up when you saw the word “FREE”, you have to check out this article I wrote about Freecycle. I have picked up toddler beds, desks, dressers and more for free!

Of course there are items I would never recommend getting used, but children grow so fast and most of the items that you buy that are used are hardly used at all.

Dressers & Bed Frames

Why go out and spend hundreds of dollars on a new dresser or bed frame when you can buy them for under $50? Some you can even get for free, just check out your local Freecycle. Don’t be discouraged if you see a dresser that doesn’t match your nursery or children’s decor. There are plenty of tutorials on the web that show easy ways to stain, paint and fix up wooden dressers and bed frames.

DVD’s, Game Consoles & Video Games

Has anyone else been completely shocked with how expensive everything technology wise has become? I can’t believe one game console can run over $300! Video games can cost anywhere from $20 all the way to $60 and DVD’s can cost in the high $20’s to $30’s. It’s getting a little ridiculous for the money conscious people out there. There are plenty of used games, consoles and DVD’s out there, especially at garage sales, thrift stores and even video game stores have a section for used consoles and games.

Nursery Decor

I love nothing more than decorating a nursery! It is a time when parent’s can decorate a room the way they envision for their child, before your children have a say! Almost everything in my son’s nursery was a hand-me-down from his brother, old wood we turned into shelves and a few garage sale finds. Pick a theme and get creative! You can create a beautiful room out of a Pottery Barn catalog without paying those high prices, I promise!

Sports Equipment

For any parent that has put their child in any type of sport you know how expensive this can get. Not only is registration high, but uniforms and sports equipment as well. So unless your child is playing professionally, don’t invest in brand new tennis rackets, baseball bats, balls, etc.

Maternity and Baby Clothes

Ah, maternity and baby clothing. The two items on this list that will be outgrown the quickest. In my opinion, it’s a waste of money to buy any of these clothing pieces brand new. Your children will outgrow them faster than you can blink and with maternity clothes, they will only be worn for not even 40 weeks. Most women don’t even need to wear maternity clothes until after their third month.

Strollers & Baby Carriers (ErgoBaby, Boba, Moby Wrap, etc)

While you should never ever buy a used car seat, strollers and baby carriers are ok. In fact, I highly recommend it. Strollers and baby carriers can be very expensive. Just like anything you buy new, wash and disinfect before putting your baby in it.


There are SO many used books out there and most are in excellent condition! Before spending a ton of money on new children’s books, check out garage sales, thrift stores and your local library.

Toys & Board Games

There are an overwhelming amount of toys on the shelves. Most of you will know that your children will beg you to buy it and the minute you get home, they will play with it for 5 minutes and then it will be thrown in the toy box and never seen again. WHY do we keep spending money on these toys that we know are just going to end up in YOUR garage sale? Plenty of used toys out there are in great condition. Just grab your soap, water and disinfecting cloths and clean before giving them to your child to play with.

Play Houses and Kitchens

I have personally seen some of my friends purchase awesome play kitchens and play houses for CHEAP at garage sales. These are the bulky items that your kids will play with for a year or two and then it’ll be in your garage sale. There is no point in buying them brand new. With the play kitchens all you have to do is buy one used and then head to your local Toys R Us, Target, Wal-Mart or wherever and purchase new “food” to go with it.

Halloween Costumes

This is kind of a no-brainer! Have you seen how expensive Halloween costumes are? You only wear them for one day, so unless you are planning on sewing your own, buy them used.