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Baby showers are SO much fun and are such a big help to a new parent. It’s a great way to get her supply of baby items started and to celebrate them! My biggest pet peeve though is that I go to a baby shower and the main thing I see coming out of all the packages and bags are clothes. So many clothes that the new mom could probably clothe an entire army of newborns (because all of the clothes are usually newborn and 0-3 month size). That’s awesome that mom doesn’t need to buy any clothes, but honestly my favorite thing to shop for when it came to my own babies was the clothes, and I didn’t really get to shop for them at all!

While it may be fun to pick out new baby clothes, we all have different tastes for what is cute and I know of a lot of moms who don’t even get to use HALF of the clothes they were given, whether because of an over supply or because they just didn’t like what they got.

10 Baby Shower Gifts Parents Can Really Use

Rather than buying what YOU like, check out our list of ten things a new parent really needs, from the mouths of moms. Your best bet is always to follow the gift registry because the parents took the time to think about what they actually want/need, and our list probably goes hand in hand with what is on the registry, but these are the top things we as mom appreciated receiving! (Remember to always check brands of the items you are buying up against the registry. Parents can be very particular about what they want, so try to stick with brands they have chosen)

Ten Baby Shower Gifts A New Parent Can Really Use


Baby Shower Diapers and Wipes
For some this is a no brainer, but really…what does a new mom really NEED? Diapers and wipes are something a mom will always need and they are not cheap when you are buying them month after month! Buying different sizes is important, too! If you know that the new mama is cloth diapering, buy them one or two of those to help her stock up!

Huggies has some great coupons you can use: Click HERE for coupons.

A Humidifier

Baby Shower Gift List humidifier
A humidifier was the last thing on my mind when I had my first son, but the minute he got sick for the first time I was rushing to the store to pick up whatever I could find. Picking out a good quality humidifier (we LOVE the Crane Humidifiers) will be a relief to mom during that first baby cold.

Well Baby Package

Baby Shower Gift Idea Well Baby Package
This kind of goes along with the humidifier above, but stock mom up on all of the products she might need to keep baby well. Things like a thermometer, baby first aid kit, baby nail trimmers and files, rash cream, baby acetaminophen or ibuprofen, gripe water, teething tablets and orajel are all great items to put in a basket for mom to be ready for anything!

A Clean Baby Package

Baby Shower Gifts Clean Baby Package
Gather together the products needed to keep baby clean! Shampoo, soap, washcloths, towel, bathtub and maybe some bath time toys would be a fun gift for mom. Shampoo and soap are two things I end up needing to go to the store to buy once baby can take a bath, so having them already on hand is great!

Swaddling Blankets

Bebe Au Lait Sparrow
Am I the only mom who despises receiving blankets?? What is the need? They are so small that my babies only fit in them for a few weeks! Spend a little more and buy mom blankets that baby can use for a long time. Swaddling blankets come in different materials, but I absolutely love muslin blankets, because they are the best for a tight swaddle and the material breathes! No sweaty baby! We love the new Bebe Au Lait Muslin Swaddle Blankets!

Baby Carrier

Ergobaby Bundle of Joy Hood
A baby carrier is a great gift to give a new mom. It keeps baby close and comfortable no matter where they go, and you don’t need to worry about lugging a heavy stroller everywhere. We are huge fans of the Ergo, Moby Go, Boba and Tula carriers, and all of them can be used for a long time (some up to 45 pounds!). (We strongly recommend buying a carrier that is ergonomic and carries baby by their bottom AND thighs like all of the carriers we listed, rather than one that only carries through the crotch area.)

Pamper Mom Gifts

Pamper a new mom
Sometimes we forget that the baby isn’t the only one we are celebrating at a baby shower! Some of my most favorite gifts to give a new mom are things like a prenatal massage, a housekeeping service for a day, restaurant gift cards (especially to places that deliver!) or even a mani/pedi day! It’s not easy at the end of a pregnancy or when the baby first comes home, and sometimes having a little retreat is something mom will cherish.


Newborn Photography
We all take thousands of pictures of our little ones, but having a professional session is so special! Getting mom a session with a good local baby/kids photographer for either a newborn session or a family portrait will be something that lasts a lifetime, really.


Books are not cheap when you start trying to boost your baby/child’s library! Help get baby’s library started by buying some of your favorite children’s books and make sure to sign the inside cover!

Gift Card

Gift Cards
If all else fails, the best gift you can give is really a gift card. I know that physically giving a gift can be more fun, but we tend to end up buying things that WE think are cute (usually clothes!) and every mom has different tastes. It is best to give a gift card so that mom can use it to buy things she needs for baby or clothes and toys that SHE likes.

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