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We have all heard that breast is best when it comes to feeding your baby, and researchers are constantly finding out new discoveries on just how awesome breast milk is. Breastfeeding is nature’s perfect nutrition—it has the perfect nutrients for your baby readily available at any given time. But not only is it good for your baby, it’s good for you, the environment and might someday be a leading treatment for diseases like cancer. Check out these awesome facts about breastfeeding that every mom should know!

Every drop of breast milk has 1 million germ-fighting cells: Each drop of breast milk has about 1 million white blood cells, which are known to eat germs! In addition, when a baby is exposed to a new germ, mom’s breast milk will create antibodies to fight that germ—it is a truly amazing phenomenon!

Breastfeeding may reduce mom’s risk of cancer: Recent studies show that breastfeeding can significantly reduce your risk for ovarian and breast cancer. Not only is breastfeeding excellent for your baby, but it is also wonderful for you too!

Nursing mothers are protected by U.S. law: According to U.S. law, employers are now required to give nursing mothers reasonable break time to express milk for her baby up until the age of one year each time she has need to. Employers are also required provide a private place other than a bathroom that is shielded from coworkers and the public so the mother can express milk.

Breastfeeding moms get as much sleep as formula-feeding moms: Many people think moms who choose to formula feed get more sleep, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Studies are now showing that moms, whether formula feeding or breast feeding are getting about the same amount of sleep—about 7.2 hours. Breast milk contains sleep-inducing hormones that may help breastfed babies fall asleep sooner, so that could contribute to breastfeeding moms getting as much shut eye as formula-feeding moms.

Breast milk is a natural pain reliever: Studies have shown breastfeeding provides more comfort and infants cry less when breastfed during a painful procedure vs. infants that are just swaddled and given a pacifier for comfort.

Your breast size has absolutely NOTHING to do with how much milk you will produce: Small-breasted women rejoice because YOU TOO can produce enough milk to help your baby not only grow and develop, but thrive! Size truly does not matter!

Breastfeeding might help lower the risk for childhood obesity: Research shows that breastfed children are less likely to be overweight in adulthood. Many researchers believe it’s because breastfed babies are more easily able to signal when they are full, so they are less likely to overeat.

Your breast milk changes to meet your baby’s nutrition needs: As your baby grows and changes, he has different caloric and fat requirements, and the composition of your breast milk changes right along with that to meet your baby’s needs. So don’t worry if you don’t produce more milk as your baby grows, you don’t need to! Your milk composition will automatically change to meet baby’s needs and keep him feeling satisfied.

Breastfeeding treats TONS of ailments: From ear infections to the common cold, breast milk treats all types of illnesses. It truly is nature’s liquid gold. Read more about all of the different illnesses breast milk can help treat.

Breast milk might someday be a leading treatment for cancer: New research shows that breast milk may kill cancer cells, and some doctors are using breast milk to help relieve the side effects of chemo and radiation.

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