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This One Thing Will Help You Accomplish Every Goal You Set

I was raised in a home where we worked hard to get where we wanted to go. I saw the ups and downs of my dad creating his business and the work he put into it to provide for our family and make it possible for my mom to be a stay-at- home mom for my two brothers and myself. It wasn’t easy, but not once did I ever see him talk negative about it. He worked hard to achieve what he set out to and that is one of the things that stuck with me the most. Not stopping until you reach your goals.

I was always an ambitious child, but it wasn’t until I became a mother that I started rethinking my goals and what I wanted to provide for my children. My outlook went beyond making money, it turned into the type of home I wanted to raise my children in, making sure I was healthy, the destinations I wanted to travel with my family to, and overall, the life I wanted to give them.

As time went on and my kids got older, different jobs came and went. My goals were always still there, yet nothing on that list had been accomplished and I remember talking to one of my friends and had a huge pivotal moment. She asked me why I thought my goals weren’t accomplished. Everything I had planned for my kids were nonexistent. I started to feel down about it before she quickly said to me “put it in your face.” It took me a minute to realize what that meant. By “putting it in my face,” I would literally have my goals plastered where I would see them every day.

Dream Board

That evening I quickly went to work on my goal poster, or as some people call it, a dream board. Everything I wanted for my family and for myself went on it. I printed a photo of the house I wanted to live in, how much money I wanted to save for my kids’ college educations, I added an older photo of myself when I was in the healthiest state I have been in, vacation destinations I wanted to travel to. Literally everything I had dreamt about went on it and then I hung up the poster in the most obnoxious place… in my living room, where it was not only visible to me, but to my entire family daily.

I still haven’t crossed everything off my list, and my goals are always growing, but I will tell you this, it has helped me more than anything ever has. The fact my kids can see it has helped them to hold me accountable. It has shown them to work hard for their goals and stay positive if there are bumps in the road. In fact, it has encouraged them to create their own goal posters where they have added grades they want in school, toys they want to earn, places they want to visit and more. It has created a positive environment for my kids where they know if they work hard enough, their goals can be accomplished.

I encourage you to create your own goal poster. Let us know what your goals are; we would love to hear them!

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