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Remember earlier this year when we gave you an introduction to PBSKids’ newes show coming this fall, ODD SQUAD? Well the premiere is less than a month away now and to get you all into the very odd spirit, PBSKids has launched the ODD SQUAD website! Full-length streaming videos and new digital games from ODD SQUAD are now available, a whole month prior to the premiere of the new series!

The collection of videos will include the most full-length content PBS KIDS has made available to viewers in advance of an on-air series premiere to date.

Kids can get a sneak peek of ODD SQUAD by watching six full-length stories, called “Case Files,” for free through PBS KIDS’ streaming video platforms on, the PBS KIDS Video App and on PBS KIDS on Roku, Apple TV and Amazon Fire.

Two new math games, Down the Tubes and Catch the Centigurps, are also available ODD SQUAD’s website.

ODDSquad Website5

In Catch the Centigurps, there are Centigurps loose in ODD SQUAD headquarters, and your child’s help is needed to catch them all! Each level, you need to grab a box and then catch a Centigurp or ten…different boxes can hold different numbers of Centigurps. Once you have caught all the Centigurps for that level, you move on!

ODD SQUAD website7

Down the tubes is a fun problem solving game! The ODD SQUAD headquarter tube system has broken down, and it’s up to your child to fix the tubes! Measuring the broken section of tube to know just how large of a new tube they’ll need to fix it helps them to count and add.

ODD SQUAD Website 6

New content, including games and parent resources, will continually be added to the website following the on-air premiere of ODD SQUAD.

Enjoy all the new fun on the ODD SQUAD website, and don’t forget to catch ODD SQUAD when it premeires on November 26th!