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When trying to find furniture for my son’s “big boy” bedroom for our new home, I had a hard time finding a style I liked at a price I could afford. Sure there’s some great places with cheaper furniture, but I have a son. Who is quickly becoming a crazy BOY. I want some “oomph!” to the furniture, something that will hold up to years of wear. Can’t find that at the discount stores.

But you CAN find it at home! We actually built Miles’s new bed, and it cost us less than $150 for all of the wood/paint/supplies!

Pretty good for something you see in the popular home stores for $900+! Now, we’re not the most amazing craftsmen around here, but my husband knows his way around tools, and I know how to tell him he’s looking good using them. We make a pretty great team. Coming up with a way to actually take the idea to make Miles a bed and make it reality? That is where one of my favorite websites EVER comes in.

Ana White’s website is the Do-It-Yourself-er’s best friend. She’s a mom/homemaker with a need to build furniture of all kinds, and she shares her plans with the world! Looking for a dining room table? She’s got a bunch of plans for those! What about a coffee table? Yep. Did you see something in a PotteryBarn catalog that spoke to you until you saw the price?? She’s got a ton of copycat type plans too! I am forever on her site, planning my home piece by piece.

We made the Farmhouse twin bed for Miles, and LOVE the results.



Her plans are detailed with amazing instruction and visuals that make it a breeze to follow. With a little knowledge of tools, these plans can be carried out by most anyone! She even rates projects by skill level! A beginner? Check out her list of starter or beginner projects, they’re awesome and a great way to test your skills at building furniture!

The quality of Miles’s bed is fantastic, as we were able to pick the wood (we used solid pine) and my husband carefully made sure that it was solid as a rock. That thing will hold up to all the bed jumping, play fighting, fort making, tantrum having years ahead.

My favorite part of making your own furniture? You can make it whatever color you want! We went back and forth between staining it to look traditional, or painting it and landed on painting it Orange to really pop in his Blue and Orange room. I love the way his bed stands out and really has a personality of it’s own.

My next project from Ana’s website will be either a desk or Dining room table. And by “My next project” I mean my husband’s. With me looking on, telling him “Looks great, hun!”


* I was not compensated for mentioning this site. It is a great resource for making your own furniture and I LOVE that a homemaker mom started it!!