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Modern Lego Printable ValentinesWhen my son decided he wanted Lego Valentines to give to his friends, he and I sat down and came up with a design that was cool and modern looking that he was excited to give to his friends. We designed them in different colors and were able to find Lego shaped candy in the bulk section of our local Winco grocery store. (You can also find it here)Modern Lego ValentinesI printed the Valentines out onto cardstock using my HP Envy 5660 and I was so pleased with the crisp quality! I cut the Valentines out, put about 20 pieces of the Lego candy each into clear treat bags, folded the tops down and stapled on our Valentines.Lego shaped candy These were a hit in my son’s class and we are thrilled to pass them along for your child to use as well! Colorful Lego ValentinesClick below for the free printable:PLEASE NOTE: THESE VALENTINES ARE FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY. THEY ARE NOT TO BE SOLD OR USED FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES. ALL RIGHT BELONG TO SIMPLY REAL MOMS.