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I knew when I was pregnant with my second son that I wanted to wear him often. I had learned a lot since my first son was born four years before and the benefits intrigued me, as well as the fact that it makes life easier when you already have a kiddo running around. I have used several carriers now and each one has it’s benefits and reasons that I like it, but recently I found out about a carrier that has it all…literally!

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It is the líllébaby COMPLETE Carrier! No joke, it is complete in every way. The folks at líllébaby were on a mission to design a baby carrier that was complete in every way; complete in comfort, functionality, safety and style and they have nailed it!

Unlike other carriers, the líllébaby COMPLETE can carry your little one in every position, from birth to 45 pounds! That’s right! It’s ready for your teeny tiny newborn, you can carry ergonomically facing in OR out on the front thanks to an adjustable seat, hip carry or back carry! This carrier is made to fit every parent’s need out there, no matter your preference on baby wearing position!Lillebaby 4 positions

I have always preferred carrying baby facing in towards me, but as he gets older he really is loving being able to face the world and see what’s going on! I love that I have the options to carry him not only on my back, but also on my hip and facing out in the front! His preference is facing out on the front (can you see that crazy smile above?!).Lillebaby Complete Carrier

Let’s talk about some of the other great features of this carrier:

COMFORT: This carrier is so comfortable! A lot of the modern carriers are pretty comfortable, and I never have issues with pain, but the líllébaby COMPLETE carrier has this super awesome padded lumbar support in the back that makes it oh so easy to wear. I thought it would be a nuisance, but as weird as it seemed at first I really love the added support it gives my back!

Lilebaby Lumbar Support
There is also padding over the different straps and clips, keeping you and baby from unnecessary pain!

Lillebaby Padded Buckles

BREASTFEEDING FRIENDLY: Simply let out the side straps a bit and baby is ready to eat comfotably on the go!

Lilebaby Nursing with ease

BETTER FIT FOR BABY: I love the adjustable cupped seating, allowing for a more comfortable ergonomic carry at a younger age OR facing out (6+months).

Lilebaby adjustable seat

Your younger infant isn’t stuck with thier feet scrunched up because their legs don’t open wide enough-the narrower option is perfect to let baby’s legs out comfortably! The narrow seat also allows for a safe, ergonomic face-out position, straying from the formerly popular “crotch dangling” position! Switching from the wide seat to narrow is as simple as a few sturdy buttons!

Lillebaby front Carry

The COMPLETE carrier also has a longer torso than other similar carriers, making is much more comfortable for your little one. The neck support adds a good deal of length to the torso, and helps hold your wiggly baby’s head in a safe position.

Lilebaby neck support

I also love the built in sleeping hood and front pocket (perfect for keys and phone!), as well as the wide waist belt.

We had the pleasure of getting to test out the new All Seasons COMPLETE, too! On top of all the neat features I mention above, our awesome carrier unzips to a mesh fabric, allowing baby’s body airflow on even the hottest of days. This comes in handy on our hot 105+ degree days here! I unzip and roll the front fabric down and boy does it make a difference! While baby still sweats where he is up against me, he is much more comfortable with the air on his back!

Lilebaby All Seasons Complete

All in all, this is an amazing carrier that allows you to carry your child any way you please at any age (birth to 45lbs). My one complaint is that the padding on the upper back buckle, while more comfortable on your back kind of gets annoying in the hip carry position. NOT a dealbreaker, by any means…just something to know should you be interested in buying this carrier. That though…is my ONLY complaint! This is hands down one of my favorite carriers, especially the All Seasons version, makin babywearing more comfortable in any weather!

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