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Why does it always happen? Everything works great until my boyfriend goes out of town for work and then BAM, something breaks, someone gets sick, or one of our pets needs to go to visit the vet. Why can’t these things happen when he’s home to help?  Today, just happened to be one of those days something broke. Not just something, my sink.

Yep, I went to go wash one of the pots I used last night (don’t judge me on procrastinating) and noticed water on BOTH sides of the sink. I went to hit our garbage disposal, and all the water on the right side of the sink started filling the left side of the sink bowl.

How to Unclog Your Kitchen Sink

Trying to take care of things myself, I quickly went into action and grabbed the plunger. You know, it makes sense. Plungers unclog toilets, it should be able to unclog my sink. Well, sadly that didn’t do a darn thing for me other than cause me to be SPRAYED with dirty water. Yep, you know this guy right here?

Unclog your sink in 5 minutes

Turns out when you plug your sink, it spits water right at you. Insert tears of frustration as my toddler is thinking the water getting everywhere is amazing and at the same time wants me to peel open his banana.

Thinking I was being smart, I covered it with a cup (remember, I’m not a plumber here). While it did stop me from being sprayed, the water still got everywhere and I still didn’t have an unclogged sink.

Feeling super defeated, I was determined to not have to call a plumber. While I love supporting locally owned businesses, spending whatever amount of money for them to fix it in 5 minutes wasn’t something I was ready to do just yet.

So what did I do?

I did what most people would do, I took to YouTube. I swear, YouTube has EVERYTHING you can imagine, and thankfully, after wasting my time watching video after pointless videos, I found one that actually worked!

No joke, after finding the right-sized wrench in our garage and grabbing a bucket, I was able to find which pipe had all the gunk (the same exact pipe from the video) and remove the clog. In less than 5 minutes after watching this video, my sink was working perfectly again.

Yep, folks. Cooked pasta noodles from last night’s dinner. Isn’t she a beaut? (so gross)

Unclog your sink easily

If I only would have found this video sooner, I would have saved myself a lot of frustration, sweat, and tears.

Listen, if I can do it… so can you! If you are uncomfortable messing with the pipes, Lowes does have a drain stick you can try.