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I had my second run-in with permanent marker last week. (Here’s my first, with a DIY to get it off your textured walls!) Despite the fact that some might consider me lucky to have only 2 incidents in 6 years of parenting it still doesn’t feel great to walk into your son’s room to see his gorgeous white dresser covered in gold permanent marker.

“I need a star chart at home like I have at school, mom”

Breathe…positive vibes…

At least he chose a super chic color.

My husband told me to color over it in dry erase marker and I laughed at him and told him I would find a better and more credible answer.

I turned to you guys on social media and posted this picture:

How to remove permanent marker

And I got tons of great advice with suggestions like Magic Erasers, Rubbing Alcohol, Nail Polish Remover, Norwex, and…Dry Erase Markers.

I tried them all, and I’m here to tell you that my HUSBAND WAS RIGHT! Kind of.

It did work, but it needed one extra step after to really clean it up and get that dresser back to white.

I saw the best outcome from only coloring on the spots with permanent marker…trace the lines. Too much outside of it made for a lot more smudging that was harder to remove (but not impossible). If the marker doesn’t fully come off, repeat the process again.

As with ANY cleaning like this, make sure to test a small spot first so that you know your surface will work with the markers!

So the next time your artist (or future teacher) colors all over your smooth surface, be it your dresser, bookshelf, fridge, oven, chairs or toilet, get out the dry erase markers and clean it up!