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When the weather warms up and I come out of my winter hibernation each year, I get the itch to clean my house from top to bottom. I deep clean every inch, probably because I realize the mess we’ve made during our indoor introvert days and that with warmer weather we tend to host more friends and family.

When prepping for my Spring cleaning sessions, I stock up on all of the cleaning products I usually buy so we don’t run out as well as more specialized cleaners for things like the washing machine, grout and the dishwasher. I also try and save as much as I can while buying them all at the same time.

This year, I’ve been kind of bummed to hear that as of May 14, the Walmart Savings Catcher will no longer be available. It’s something I’ve used to earn a little something every time I shop at Walmart. It was like a price match…If another store had the product you wanted to buy for a cheaper price, the difference would be put into a savings catcher account that you could cash out for Walmart gift cards!

Finding out that it was being discontinued, I went on a search for other apps I could use to either save money or earn from my shopping. That’s when I found the Ibotta app. Ibotta is an app that lets you earn cash back for buying the products you normally would at so many of the stores you shop at! It’s free, fun and saving money has never been easier! 

I scroll through the Walmart list of cleaning products that earn rewards and find that most of the products I need qualify for rewards! I also find food and beauty products that we needed as well and I add each of them to my list of offers to pull up while I’m shopping so that I can remember which products will earn cash back for me.

Once I’ve checked out and paid, I simply scan the QR code at the bottom of my receipt in the Ibotta app and it catches all of the rewards I’ve earned! The money is in my profile within 48 hours and I’m able to cash out once my account gets to $20.

On my most recent Walmart shopping trip for Spring cleaning supplies, I was able to earn $4 cash back as well as some extra cash for finishing a few of their bonuses! I am up to over $30 in cash back after only having the app for about 2 weeks! Not too shabby. 

You have the option to cash out to your Paypal or Venmo accounts OR you can choose to receive the money on a gift card for dozens of different retailers, making future shopping trips FREE! I am all about the Ibotta app.

Basically, I’m being paid to clean my house!

Download Ibotta for yourself today and start earning money when you shop at Walmart and so many more stores!