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As a mother of two toddlers, (my oldest will be three next week and my youngest just turned one!), I can remember so vividly all of the things I felt overwhelmed about starting the very moment I learned I was pregnant with my first. I am sure we can all relate to the confusion and hype of all of the advice we were given while pregnant and of course, after we had our first bundle of joy! So many fellow mothers and yes, even the sweet grannies, had much to offer in the field of what creams, medicines, remedies and old wives tales I needed to take heed to and I felt I was in a whirlwind of all of the different “right” ways to raise a child.

I had eventually found my groove with my darling firstborn and I was the most confident I had been in my life. I was providing nutrition, protection, love, joy, and essentially survival to a tiny human being! I was finally comfortable in my own identity as her mother and I felt high on this new relationship from the moment she woke me to nurse to the second she drifted back to sleep right next to me. Nothing could break my confidence nor shake my pride- that is, until my six month old beautifully perfect infant broke out in hives. I never felt so out of control in my life. I had no idea where they came from and began obsessively charting everything I ate and drank as well as every place we visited during the day. I took pictures of her legs where the hives were every day until they went away. There was a place in my mind that could never fall asleep even when my body got rest. I can remember my family literally thinking I was going crazy from postpartum and I didn’t care. It was my job to find what harmed my perfect baby’s skin and to be sure it never happened this way again. Unfortunately, her skin problems only got worse and like too many other young children, she was diagnosed with baby eczema.

It wasn’t long before I stripped my household of dyes, perfumes, artificial foods, harsh cleaners, and yes, even disposable diapers. I wanted to be sure that nothing but nature was near my pure child; after all, weren’t we given a sufficient amount of “remedies” when we began life on this earth? I had gone through two pediatricians before I found one who respected my choice to do things as natural as possible with my own child. I remember so clearly feeling demeaned and disrespected when I merely questioned a cream or vaccination her doctor offered me. But each time I left an appointment feeling belittled, I felt something rising in me to prove that I am not an idiot who would blindly follow advice about the child my body had nourished for nine months- I would take her health into my own hands and that of nature’s. I began buying organic olive oil and adding it to her bath and to my relief, her skin had gotten better. I spent a lot of money on organic body wash for her over the months and was soon blessed with another bundle of joy- meaning much more money for two babies!

I soon found myself creating my own recipes for my daughters. I wanted to be able to pronounce every ingredient that touched their skin and understand the benefits of each of them. My youngest baby girl has never had a skin issue and I truly believe it is because I had a clear understanding and respect for the value of simple, natural ingredients. My oldest still battles sensitive skin, many times after chlorine pools and even when my sweet, eighty year-old neighbor kisses her with cheap lipstick. Yes, I’m talking super sensitive. She also has peanut and some other mild food allergies. I feel that even though I am in control of their diets and hygiene products, that I am a wreck as well. Everywhere we go, I have epi-pen with me. I wish I would have started my first pregnancy as close to nature as possible but there is nothing I can do except move forward with my passion and turn my regrets to action.

I created Heavenly Cleanliness Soaps and Scrubs for mothers like me, who want to clearly read and understand the ingredients of their hygiene and luxurious bath products and the benefits of using those ingredients. I believe in the power of essential oils as well as the need for cleanliness and hydration. Everything I use is safe and can be proven to heal and protect. I use my products in my home on my own family; even my manly husband! I hope mothers out there can find hope in my story, even if it’s just hearing that you are not the only mother out there that feels overwhelmed by advice or judged for your choices. Always follow your heart and instincts, they are there for a reason and I believe the ultimate reason is to protect those beautiful babies we have been blessed with!

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 Nisa is a mama of two baby girls with sensitive skin and is passionate about products with safe ingredients that families can use in their homes and more importantly, on their bodies with a sound mind.