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My family and I just returned from the happiest place on earth, Disneyland! We are not new to the most spectacular place on this planet, we actually visit several times a year and we are annual pass holders. Last year we visited for Christmas time and this year we decided to go for Halloween. Now that my daughter started kindergarten we have to plan around her school schedule, so October worked perfectly.

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If you have not visited Disneyland during Halloween it is a must. One of my favorites times of the year to visit the park and take in all that Disney has to offer for the fall season. One thing about Disney is they never skip out on anything, any detail or any opportunity to provide the best of all best for all of their guests. We always know that when we visit we will have the best time, this is why our go to vacation has always been Disneyland. I can honestly say that even if we did not have children, we would still find our selves visiting the park several times a year, its just that great.

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Not only is the entire park decorated for halloween, but so are the characters, rides and every treat and souvenir you find will be specifically made to celebrate Halloween.

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Our fist stop was the magical Halloween Carnival happening over at the Big Thunder Ranch Jamboree in Frontierland. That’s where our whole family enjoyed our favorite Disney characters in Halloween costumes, special Halloween entertainment, amazing pumpkin carvers, special disney treats and we were even able to meet the Disney Villains!

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Entrance to the carnival filled with family fun.

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I have never actually watched a pumpkin carver and I literally could not stop. It was great to be able to witness all the breathtaking creations this artist made for everyone to enjoy.

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How amazing are these! This is just a few of the magical creations designed by this pumpkin carver at the carnival tent.

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While waiting for the Magic Cauldron Sideshow we were entertained by a fortune teller who read our futures and provided us with a little comedy too.

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When you venture into this magical tent you are asked to help cast a magic spell, bringing an un-known Disney Villain to life.  When we visited we summoned the Queen of Snow White and it was spectacular. We only were able to visit the show once as my toddler was a little frightened, it is dark inside and spooky. But I was told that different villains appear throughout the day, so make sure you visit more than once.

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Both of my children’s favorite was the Mickey Mouse  “Mask-Parade.” with all his pals.

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As the entire carnival fills with music you get to enjoy all the entertainers, dancers and characters as they parade around before the Carnival Magic show begins. All the children can join in and wear the masks they made at the carnival.

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Carnival Magic show was entertaining for the entire family.

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Here you can become a pirate! The Carnival has a small salon sectioned off that will makeover your little Empress’s and pirates for the day.

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I love how Disneyland changes everything for its holiday season, they even have special treats made for the occasion.

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One of my favorites was the Zero Popcorn bucket from The Nightmare Before Christmas. There is a little switch on his nose that lights up!

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Caramel Apples anyone? They are decorated so pretty its hard to imagine eating them.

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The carnival is open from 10:30am to 5:30pm daily. It closes at 5:30 to get ready for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party.

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As you leave there is an awesome petting zoo with goats and sheep the children can touch.

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Before changing for our costumes we spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying some of the rides in Toon Town and meeting all the characters. Liam is wearing his “Wild” tee that we were asked about 50 times where we purchased. You can grab one of these over at Good Seeds Apparel, they have some awesome tees to choose from and different colors.

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While walking around to go on a few rides we came across Disneyland’s Pirate band, “The Bootstrappers”. I’m not sure how we ever missed them before but as many times as we have been to Disneyland we have never seen the Pirate band, this was honestly one of my favorite experiences of our entire Disneyland trip, I could of watched them for hours.

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It wasn’t just the pirate lingo that got me, it was the comedy they added to the show.

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Within just a few minutes a large crown had formed to watch and sing along.

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While making our way to my daughters favorite ride we could already see they were getting ready to set up for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party.

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Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party requires a special ticket to get in. We are annual pass holders and still needed to purchase a separate ticket to the event, which was $70 per person. There is no ticket is required for Guests 2 and under.

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Waiting in line for one of our favorite rides.

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 We always enjoy Its a Small World.

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Making our way back over to the castle, I had a special surprise for my daughter before the halloween party started.

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Our children love to pick out all of the characters in the center of the park. I think its easy for people to miss them, and they are wonderful!

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All the pumpkin carvings are also pretty neat.

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Making our way through the castle was not an easy task, but we managed. It does get very crowded during this time of the year but they do limit the tickets to Mickey’s Halloween party which helps.

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We surprised my 5 year old daughter with a visit the the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique to get a princess makeover for her Elsa Costume.

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Styling her hair and nails at the same time.

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After the princesses are finished they have a magical mirror they look in to reveal their looks. The mirror lights up and it is so fantastic.

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The boutique is a memorable experience for any child, I highly recommend this during your Disneyland visit.

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Olivia’s Elsa dress was handmade by a very talented designer over at The Creators Touch. We were stopped so many times during our visit and asked where this dress was purchased. Dawn over at The Creators Touch, an Etsy Shop puts an overwhelming amount of detail into all of her dresses. This dress is a one of a kind she offers in her shop and unlike any other dress.

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We sparkled our way through the park and headed to get our Trick or Treat passes.

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For the halloween party you do not have to dress up, but most children do and well as adults

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My two year old was the cutest Peter Pan this year! His costume was also handmade by Lora Fay and Ray over at Sashimi Samurai

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So much detail went into this costume from the shoe covers, to the belt, sword and top. We were asked many times asked if we made his costume and received so many complements. I have always thought every boy should be Peter Pan once, and what better place to dress up than Disneyland.

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Someone was getting really excited to go Trick or Treating.

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Even the park staff is dressed up for the party!

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If you are already inside the park and you are attending the Halloween Party you can visit a station near Toon Town to pick up your special wrist band. Everyone that does not have a band will be slowly moved out of the park.

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The kids enjoyed some lollipops while waiting for the Trick or Treating to start.

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Frozen has been huge since it came out and Disneyland had a special backdrop set up just for pictures. It was perfect for our little Elsa!

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Someone was getting excited!

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Disneyland organized the Trick or Treating perfectly with paths that light up with these signs. They are easy to find and each path has several locations giving out candy to everyone.

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Even the adults get candy and there is no limit to how much you can receive during the Trick or Treating event.

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I really like that healthy snacks were also given out such as apples and carrots.

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As you can see it did get pretty crowded, so we took a few breaks in between and took advantage of the short lines and wait times on many rides.

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Disneyland closes the park at 10pm on the nights of the Halloween Party, but California Adventure stays open until 12am. Once we finished our Trick or Treating we headed over to the other park to enjoy some games and more events.

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California Adventure has a boardwalk with tons of games set up, my daughter loves coming here to win a prize.

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They are pretty large prizes as well.

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We love California Disney Animation room. It plays music and scenes from movies in side.

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It also has Turtle Talk with Crush and The Disney Animation Academy.

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The Disney Animation academy is awesome! It is a quick class that shows you step by step on how to draw a specific Disney Character. They have set times so if there is a specific character you would like to draw you can go to that class. They run every 30 minutes.

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A large auditorium with tons of seats and a stage with a screen to view the instructor.

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We learned to draw the character Baymax from Big Hero 6

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They also let you take home your drawings.

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To end the night we did some shopping, a child’s dream!

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My daughter lucked out because our two year old was passed out from all the fun.

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Halloween really is one of the best times of the year to visit Disneyland, not that anytime isn’t amazing but during the holidays you get to take in all the magnificent decorating because Disney overdoes everything to the fullest. It’s not just a magical place for children, but for adults too.


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