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H2OGo Color Wave PoolOur summers are always filled with great memories playing with our friends and staying up late. We swim all day, grill all of our food, sleep in and go on adventures.

Hands down my kids’ favorite thing to do on summer days is swim. We have a neighborhood clubhouse we frequent as a family, but there’s no way I’m taking all three of my rowdy boys to the pool all by myself just yet.  They’re still young and very adventurous and that’s a scary combination in a large pool filled with strangers.

So we got ourselves a pool for the backyard that the boys (and me…let’s just be honest here) can cool off and splash around anytime. ANYTIME. Our fun splash sessions can go from morning till bedtime and beyond with this new pool!

The new Color Wave pool, brought to us by the same amazing folks who make the H2OGo Waterslides (check out our review of those here) is the ultimate summer fun component. Color Wave Pool Colors Light Up

The top reason we love it so much is the selling factor on this awesome inflatable pool…it lights up and glows at night! The lights cycle through different colors and variations and my kids love that they can play in the pool at night and it feels like a party!

The Color Wave pool is super sturdy and can withstand a lot. My kids really put it to the test and they jumped on it like crazy with no problems. The bean shape is fun and the large rounded ends are the perfect spot for mama to sit and join in on the fun!Color Wave PoolYou will need an air pump to blow up the two air chambers on the pool-an air mattress pump will do! It’s a great height when fully blown up, but you can blow up only one chamber for more of a lower to the ground baby pool if you want. My two year old has no issues getting in and out of the pool, but my one year old can only get in by launching himself in face first…we found that out the hard way!

The LED lights take 4 C batteries in a tightly sealed compartment, and there is a simple on/off button on the compartment. My kids’ only complaint is that you can’t choose between the flickering lights and just a solid light. It’s constantly changing colors and blinking.

We love playing in our Color Wave Pool and taking our water fun from day to night!

You can find the Color Wave Pool HERE

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