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Green Toys Pizza Parlor Fun with Simply Real MomsAt our house, we love eco-friendly toys! My son has all types of wooden and hand made toys. We are always on the lookout of products that are eco-friendly that will also spark imagination. Green Toys are definitely a brand that is both eco-friendly and great for my preschooler’s budding imagination!

Green Toys Inc. makes an awesome line of classic children’s toys constructed from recycled plastic and other environmentally friendly materials. This helps reduce fossil fuel use and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improving the overall health and happiness of the planet.

Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 10.02.33 PMThe Green Toys Pizza Parlor proves to be tons of fun for young children. It provides a chance for your child to engage in pretend play while building verbal and fine motor skills. I love the ordering pad of paper the set comes with. Your little chef can take your order, build your pizza and bring you a slice of exactly what you ordered!

IMG_5423The pizza box with the Green Toys Pizza Parlor set is sturdy enough to withstand a typical 3-year-old’s playtime fun–something many toys don’t hold up to these days! Each pizza topping has a small circular knob on top of it so it won’t slide off the pizza.

As if you need more reasons to buy this adorable, fun pizza set, here are some more facts you should know about Green Toys:

Made in California, USA: 
Less Transportation, Less Energy 
All Green Toys products are 100% made in the USA. To be more specific, they are produced in California, a state known for strict toy safety and environmental laws. It’s cool to buy USA, but also think about this: transportation is one of the biggest contributors to greenhouse gasses. We all know driving less is good for mother nature, but did you ever think about how many miles a toy logs before it ends up in your local store?

Our toys are truly local creations. Every step in the process, from milk container recycling to toy production to final assembly, occurs in California. Our raw materials and toys aren’t shipped from overseas, which saves a lot of energy and reduces greenhouse gasses. It also guarantees your toys won’t get seasick before they get to your home!


My son loves the Pizza Parlor set from Green Toys because it’s engaging, interactive and the perfect toy for a preschooler. I love the Green Toys Pizza Parlor set because it’s eco-friendly, durable, holds my son’s attention and builds his fine motor and verbal skills. It’s a win-win toy for everyone!

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I received the featured Green Toys product to review, but all opinions are my own.