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Alright. I admit it. I am the queen of making excuses when it comes to losing weight and getting in shape. My biggest excuse is not having time–Not having time to workout, not having time to eat healthy, not having enough hours in the day overall! Well, I’m happy to say there’s a program out there for those of us who don’t have enough hours in the day: NX FIT.

NX FIT is a fitness program you can do completely from the comfort of your own home. And it’s the complete package! Not just a workout program, it incorporates a complete meal plan and even takes into account putting your mind over everything else. You can take part in the NX Challenge with a team, which holds you even more responsible. When you are being held accountable to other team members, you’re more likely to meet goals.

The main features of the program are fitness, nutrition, and daily accountability.


There are two levels you can use for your workouts: low intensity and high intensity. I chose low intensity because, honestly, I wasn’t being all that active before starting the NX Challenge. Matt (who is your online personal trainer, the creator of NX Fit, and the person modeling the exercises) sets the standard high, suggesting that you work out 5 times a week! Ready for the bonus? The workouts are only 30-40 minutes long, can be loaded right onto your computer or tablet, and can be done anytime, anywhere. My life gets a little bit crazy during the day. There’s no way I have time to workout before or after work with kids underfoot. So I did my workouts every night, after the kids went to bed.

Fitness is another place where the team aspect came into play–every night, one of my team members and I would text each other when we finished the workout. Extra accountability!

Here’s Matt (your personal trainer):


Before you even begin the program, Matt provides you with the ground work for the nutrition aspect of the program. He doesn’t advocate counting calories. He goes for a healthy balance at every meal. Also, a big part of his plan is water. Another way the team came into play here is that we bounced ideas off of each other for meals and snacks!


Accountability is a big deal to me. When I’m looking to change my lifestyle, get fit, and be healthier, I always start off so strong. Then, my motivation dies down and I slip back into old habits such as drinking Coke or snacking before bed. You might be wondering how you can be held accountable in an online program. With NX Fit, you have daily check ins where you earn points. You earn points for the day by doing your exercise, drinking enough water, following the meal plans, getting enough sleep and so much more! There are daily mini-challenges that are completely obtainable (such as having a lunge off with your teammates). You each earn points individually and badges for obtaining different goals throughout the competitions.

Throughout the 30 day program, our team lost many pounds and inches off of our body. And we did it in a healthy way–no fad diets or quick weight loss. Personally, I lost 6 lbs in 30 days, which is right on target with losing 1-2 lbs a week (a healthy weight loss). The real difference came in my body, though, not the scale. I toned up a lot, especially in my arms and back. It’s amazing what a difference a well rounded, full package program like NX Fit can do for you!

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