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Introduce seeds and planting with your children with these fun, easy, activities for the home. Your children will get excited discovering different types of seeds, learning about roots and watching their seeds grow.

Sprouting beans or peas

This activity is great to start learning about the parts of plants. Children will be able to see roots, stems and leaves easily. Simply place a damp paper towel, and black eyed peas (or lima beans) in a plastic zip lock back like this:

Tape the bag to a window and check it day after day to watch the progress.

Seeds book

Children will love making discoveries about the similarities and differences of seeds when you make this seeds book. Put the seeds packs, with the seeds, in zip lock bags. Then, tape each of the bags together to make a book.

How things grow

Making predictions is key part of making scientific discoveries. Something that is fun is to predict how things will grow. Will a carrot grow on the ground, under ground, on a tree, on a vine or on a bush? How about tomatoes? Before you plant your seeds, make predictions with your children about how they think the plant will grow!

Sorting seeds

Using small containers, put pictures of various plants on the lids. Then, let your children sort which seeds belong to which plants!