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We all know to wash our faces before bed and exfoliate every few days to keep skin clear, clean and fresh looking. But sometimes that’s just not enough. Here are a few quick tips for achieving a more flawless face.

  1. Clean Your Make-Up Brushes: If you use brushes (for blush, shadow, lips, etc) regularly, that means you must clean them regularly. Once a week, give them a bath. Fill your sink with warm, soapy water and gently hand-wash brushes. Lay them on a towel to air dry and they’re ready to go. This simple weekly washing will save your skin from dirt and germs that accumulate on the brushes.
  2. Skip the Brushes: If you are saying to yourself, “I know myself, and I will never set aside time to wash my make-up brushes,” then toss them out. Apply your make-up with the one tool that gets washed over and over every day—your fingers. Use a cream blush and pat shadows on. Use lipstick or gloss in a tube rather than a pot and brush.
  3. Deep Clean Once a Week: Instead slapping a little water and facial cleanser over your face and calling it a night, take one night a week to do a deeper cleaning. Remove all your make-up with a remover, really scrub your face, use a toner, apply a purifying mask, and finally, moisturize. If you have time, make a little ritual out of this and incorporate a relaxing bath while your face mask works its magic!
  4. Drink More Water: Your skin needs hydration, too. We all turn to lotion when our skin gets dry, but don’t forget to hydrate from the inside out. More water equals healthier-looking skin!