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Here you’ll find all of the best fine motor activities Simply Real Moms has to offer–all in one place! Many of these activities are not only fun and engaging, but they’ll provide a quiet activity while developing those important fine motor skills. Why are fine motor skills important? Your child needs to strengthen those finger muscles and develop coordination to be able to do things such as grasp a pencil, zip a coat or use scissors! Read on for some of our best articles packed full of activities to do with your children.

  • Bottle of Shaving Cream-Fun Included!
    This article has 5 fine motor activities you can do with one bottle of shaving cream!
  • Pinch, Pull, Putty-Fun!
    A great fine motor activity to take on-the-go with you for a quiet out to dinner activity.
  • Hammer Time!Hammer Time promotes patience and attention as well as fine motor development. Great for kids who love to hammer!
  • Primary Color Paint Mix-Mess Free
    Mixing paint to create new colors, without the mess.
  • Magna-Spell-Creating First Words
    The great thing about Magna-Spell is that it promotes letter and word recognition while building fine motor skills.
  • Stringing beads
  • Popping bubble wrap
  • Drawing, painting, finger painting, playing with play dough–Anything art related!
  • Helping in the kitchen. Children love to stir, pour and mix.
  • Pulling masking tape off of a box. Simply cover a box in masking tape and let your child rip it off.